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Beretta Extrema 2 shotgun review

Beretta Extrema 2 shotgun review

Manufacturer: Beretta

Beretta Extrema 2 shotgun.
Beretta’s popular Extrema semi-auto has just got better with the sort of makeover pigeon shooters and wildfowlers are going to love.

From a wildfowling point of view, the 3.1/2in (89mm) chambers mean we can now go really heavy with steel shot cartridges up to a ten boresque 2.1/4oz.

With that sort of payload at our disposal we can happily use big shot and still keep a dense pattern at killing ranges.

Gas metering system
The Extrema 2’s clever gas metering system, however, means this gun can recycle 1oz loads efficiently, so it will find its way into plenty of pigeon hides as well.

The mechanism and chambering definitely give this gun great versatility but other changes have also been made by Beretta. For a start the shape of the reinforced fibreglass stock and fore-end has been subtly altered and slimmed down.

And to give the best possible grip in bad weather the makers have moulded soft plastic inserts into both stock and fore-end. Another nice touch is the larger trigger guard to accommodate a gloved hand and finger.

For my money though the Extrema 2’s best feature is its Kick-off recoil absorber which contains two hydraulic dampers and springs that re-set between shots – a device which promotes more accurate shooting as well as making the gun very comfortable to shoot – even with heavy loads.

Hidden inside the stock is a recoil absorber that also softens the end travel of the bolt whenever a shot is fired.

Beretta Extrema 2 recoil pad.The butt-mounted Kick-off system keeps recoil in check.

On their own these features are capable of soaking up unwelcome recoil, but the makers have also fitted a geltek pad to the butt of the gun, just to make sure.

On this gun the bolt has a rotating head that locks up at the point of firing to give the highest degree of safety.

The bolt and action bars running each side of the magazine tube have been built as an integral part, a design feature that imparts extra strength to the mechanism.

All metal parts have been given an exclusive special surface protection treatment called ‘Aqua Tek’ that’s applied to the barrel after blueing and the anodised aluminium alloy action housing.

The internal barrel bore has been chromed along with a number of other parts within the mechanism. The rest have either been nickel plated or impregnated with ceramic compounds and metals such as titanium and chrome to give the greatest possible level of protection.

All exterior black parts have been matt finished to reduce glare and the various gas components are made from stainless steel for smooth operation and easy cleaning.

Beretta Extrema 2 trigger mechanism.A neat, simple and effective trigger assembly is one of the Beretta Extrema 2’s strong points.

The piston is equipped with a self cleaning exhaust valve that vents excess gas out of the gun at the front of the fore-end.

During disassembly the piston is held captive in the barrel loop, so that the gun will come apart quickly and easily. This also helps with re-assembly.

The barrel has an Optima bore profile and is fitted with Optima Plus choke tubes to enhance pattern quality. A Truglo sight has been fitted at the muzzle to draw the eye and make best use of low light. The gun comes supplied with a number of different coloured replacement inserts.

The magazine is restricted to two cartridges plus one in the chamber, but a six shot version is available for those who have provision for one on their firearm certificate.

– Weight is 7.3/4lb with the Kick-off system included. Light for a big gun, but gives excellent handling.

– The gun comes in an ABS case with a set of chokes, tools and sling swivels.

-It’s available in black synthetic or in camouflage pattern of Realtree Hardwoods HD or Realtree Max4HD, which is the latest version of the wetlands camo. Good for wildfowling or pigeon shooting on stubbles.

– You can lengthen the stock by fitting spacers supplied with each gun.

– Other spacers allow the owner to change the drop and cast as well.

In spite of the price this really is an excellent semi-automatic. It is designed for field use but in my book it has to be one of the ultimate guns for wildfowling.

For me, the Max4 version is the best all-rounder in terms of looks and practicality.

Build quality: 7

Handling: 7

Styling: 9

Value for money: 9

Beretta Extrema 2 shotgun

Synthetic black £1,235
Cammo versions £1,340

Telephone 01489 579999.

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