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Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter

This is an excellent gun. It will shoot clays superbly and offers excellent value for money. What else does our reviewer say?

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter

Manufacturer: Beretta

Pros: A lot of gun for the money

Price as reviewed: £1,300

Cons: The wood is ... okayish

If there is a problem with this gun, it’s that you get too much gun for the money. So not a problem at all really.

This Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 over-and-under shotgun represents amazing value – which is a result of the euro increasing the price of Italian guns in recent years.

Despite this, Beretta were fixed on retaining their competitive edge and so reviewed their range in depth. The outcome is a number of new or updated models, one of which is this Silver Pigeon.



Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 shotgun

Over 30 years ago Beretta initiated their tried and mechanism with the 680 series. It is this same mechanism that this gun follows.

Flush-fitting chokes previously only used on the higher grade Silver Pigeon 3

One of the main features of the Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter is the Optima-bore system with flush-fitting chokes. Previously this was only used on the higher grade Silver Pigeon 3 and the 682 Gold E.

The Grade 1’s engraving and brushed silver action finish follows the style of the Field gun with etched decoration in the form of a tight scroll.

The action is in coloured silver but the trigger is in a contrasting gold wash, which looks attractive and decorative.


Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 shotgun

A manual safety catch is supplied with the gun as standard. However if you prefer you could ask a gunsmith to make this automatic.

Other options include the different barrels. The Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter can be selected with 28, 30 or 32in barrels chambered for 3in cartridges, all with a top rib that tapers from 10mm at the breech to 8mm at the muzzles.

The taper means that the gun points nicely and aligns to the target swiftly.

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 sporter

A downside is the wood which I would have to describe as okayish. However as the gun is £1,300 then that’s hardly surprising. This is a selling price about £300 less than some of the other models in the Beretta range.

The stock dimensions are standard for a Beretta Sporter with a length of 14.3/4in and drops of 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in at comb and heel respectively.

There’s a slight cast for the right-handed shooter but left-handers are also catered for as a left-hand stock is also available with a left-hand cast.  The stock finishes with a 1in pad which can be changed for others if the owner wants to fine tune the fit.

The Schnabel fore-end is elegantly shaped and carries contemporary chequering that affords a proper grip and looks good too.

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 shotgun

The actual chequer is a traditional diamond pattern. The 30in test gun weighed 7lb 14 oz but this of course will vary depending on barrel length.

It comes with five chokes and an ABS travel case.


Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 scores

Stockist GMK


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Offers a great deal for the money and has quickly built up a large following