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Boxall & Edmiston Round Action

When one thinks of a British gunmaker certain factors will push to the forefront of one’s mind thanks to the history any great marque builds upon. The name is a reminder of what you are buying…


Our rating:  92%

Boxall Edmiston 20-bore

The 20-bore shotgun has come a long way in the past 50 years. At one time it was regarded as a lady’s or youngster’s gun because grown men used a…


Boxall & Edmiston Sidelock shotgun: If you want a quality side-by-side made to your specifications and costing in the region of £25,000, there is only one option. No other English…

Boxall & Edmiston 12-bore shotgun review: It’s exciting to find a new English side-by-side sideplated boxlock costing £16,000 and made by a veritable Who’s-Who of top-flight craftsmen.

Boxall & Edmiston shotgun: Looking for a top quality, affordable, British-made game gun? Jason reckons he has found the answer.