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Purdey 20 bore sporter

Gun reviews: Purdey 20-Bore Sporter shotgun: This over-under is built by the London firm in association with Perugini & Visini, but it would be a mistake to think of it…

Purdey side-by-side shotgun review: Here we look at a new pair of Purdey side-by-sides whose provenance is interesting; they were made for Ray Ward Gunsmiths by near neighbour, James Purdey.

Purdey 20-bore Sporter : The Purdey 12-bore Sporter has, in a short time, earned itself a reputation as that rare type of gun that inspires the user.

With an eye-catching stock and hand-cut scroll-engraving, the new Purdey Sporter over-and-under impresses Lewis Potter with its flawless performance