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Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

This latest addition to Browning's Ultra XS range looks set to delight sporting shooters

Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

Manufacturer: Browning

Price as reviewed: £3,645

The recent addition of the Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable to Browning’s range is certain to delight the dedicated clay shooter, whether a devotee of Sporting, FITASC or Trap disciplines.

All in all, it’s a great all-round gun based on the well-proven 525 action frame. It is supplied with eight Invector Titanium extended chokes, two spacers, three Inflex recoil pads and three trigger shoes, and can be balanced due to a clever weight and counterweight system within the stock and barrel.

As a result, the gun can be configured to fit Guns of varying statures and with different styles, making it extremely versatile.

The gun is also fitted with an adjustable comb and a trap-style fore-end, although perhaps not as chunky as some. The simple but elegant new engraving pattern and the Grade 4 “oiled finish” Turkish walnut give the B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable a quality and style that has an appealing allure. Given the engraving pattern, I would describe the gun as a Grade 3.

First impressions

This gun is right up my street and with the 25mm Inflex recoil pad and a little lift to the comb, fitted me a treat (I’m 6ft and weigh about 14st). I found the balance to be just about right and a hair in front of the hinge pin — so negligible that I was inclined not to alter it. Weighing 8lb 2½oz (3.7kg) and using mostly 24g cartridges, it is a delight to use, offering smooth, low-recoil shots that make second target acquisition a breeze. I used a few 28g but, as expected, they were a touch sharper, but nothing alarming.

I would be happy to use the B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable on “high bird” shoots as, indeed, I do with my own gun, which has a similar spec. I also love the tapered rib, which gives it that pointability. Using ½ and ¾ chokes, the patterns were superb with spectacular breaks.

Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

The XS Pro has Browning’s classic lock-up system

New recoil pad

The new Inflex II Technology recoil pad present here represents the next generation of recoil pads, offering the greatest amount of absorption available yet. It has a softer new outer material to enhance performance and is super slippery to prevent snagging on clothing during shouldering. Internal directional deflection construction guides the comb down and away from your cheek for greater comfort and faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The Inflex II pads are supplied in 25mm, 20mm and 12mm thicknesses, with 7mm and 12mm spacers included.

The Pro Balance System allows Guns to fine-tune the balance for perfect mount and swing. Adding weights to the stock not only helps to balance the gun but aids second shot acquisition and reduces felt recoil. The barrel’s counterweight is comprised of tungsten plates, which enable the centre of gravity to be moved up to 20mm forward.

The Triple Trigger System fine-tunes finger-to-trigger reach and includes three trigger shoes: wide chequered; narrow smooth; and wide canted smooth.

Tech spec

  • Calibre: 12-bore
  • Barrels: 30in and 32in Back Bored
  • Chokes: INV+ TITANIUM Extended: Cylinder-¼-½-¾-Light 
Full-Full-Full-X Full
  • Top rib: Tapered 13mm-10mm
  • Barrel finish: Blued
  • Action frame: Engraved steel
  • Wood grade: Grade 4 Turkish Walnut
  • Wood: Oil finish
  • Stock style: Adjustable
  • Drop at comb: 24mm-38mm
  • Drop at heel: 38mm-54mm
  • Forearm: Trap style
  • Weight: 3.7kg-8lb 2½oz
  • Notes: Kit Pro Fit balancer, 2 spare pads, 2 spare triggers, VCI sock, choke key, gun lock
  • Options: Length of pull with the 3 different pads: 367mm(147/16in), 375mm(14¾in), 380mm (1415/16in) Drop at comb: 5/16in to 1½in 
Drop at heel: 1½in
  • Price: Recommended retail – £3,645
  • Case: Opaline hard gun case


A great gun and a strong contender for a serious “Sporting” shooter who’s looking for a higher quality, above-average tool for the job. There are a lot of similar guns at considerably higher prices that would not offer much more.

Back-Boring explained:

This increases the internal bore diameter to its maximum ideal specification, reducing friction between the shot cup and barrel wall. This allows energy developed by the powder to propel the pellets to a higher velocity, reducing recoil and improving pattern densities.


A great gun and a strong contender for a serious "Sporting" shooter