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Feinwerkbau Sport: a classic gun in the spotlight

The Feinwerkbau Sport, dating from the 1970s, is widely recognised for delivering engineering quality and accuracy, says Andy McLachlan

Feinwerkbau Sport

Feinwerkbau Sport

Manufacturer: Feinwerkbau (FWB)

Price as reviewed: £275

Any serious airgunner of the late 1970s or early 1980s looking for the purchase of a high-performing, well-built sporting rifle would have had the Feinwerkbau Sport on their wishlist.

Feinwerkbau Sport

The safety catch pops out the rear of the action when cocked – not the most efficient of solutions, but it works!

Unlike its main competition at the time, the Weihrauch HW 35, the Sport did not require the upper body strength of an Olympic swimmer if used for long periods due to its much less strenuous cocking cycle. The Sport’s trigger assembly was in no way comparable to the outstanding Weihrauch Rekord trigger assembly fitted to the HW 35. (Read our guide to picking the perfect air rifle pellet.)

This rabbit was taken by this gun when it was still dressed in its original stock

However, what the Sport did have as a major advantage was the considerable lack of weight and a superb “pointability” that ensured it soon had a following of keen shooters wishing to pot a few bunnies. (Read this piece on rabbiting with air rifles.)

The spring-loaded ball-bearing breech locking assembly could wear if not properly lubricated

Due to the high standard of engineering quality, the Sport was never a cheap product for the manufacturer of world-renowned target rifles and pistols to bring to the market. I have owned a few Sports over the years.

The Feinwerkbau Sport is a beautifully balanced classic sporting rifle, enhanced by first-class engineering and style

The one I shoot at present is the 124 (.177) version, which is now residing in a handmade custom stock made by my friend Tom Forrest. The gun still shoots superbly well and gives a good account of itself in the field – once you have reacquainted yourself with the trigger!

This article was originally published in 2018 and has been updated.