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Secondhand Miroku MK60 review: There’s always a temptation to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." In other words, if something works really well, then don’t "improve" it by…

Gun reviews: Fabarm Classis 20-bore shotgun: This lightweight side-by-side ejector is perfect for driven partridges - great in a hide or walking-up it could not be beaten - certainly not…

The Webley & Scott Junior .410 is an over-under, which most youngsters learning to shoot will want to use, and has a specially shortened stock and 26" barrels, ideal for…

ATA Arms SP Silver

Overall the ATA Arms SP Silver is not a bad gun, especially when one considers the price

Purdey 20 bore sporter

Gun reviews: Purdey 20-Bore Sporter shotgun: This over-under is built by the London firm in association with Perugini & Visini, but it would be a mistake to think of it…

Secondhand B. Rizzini shotgun

Gun reviews: Secondhand B. Rizzini shotgun: Around 25 years ago, if you wanted an entry-level shotgun and had set your sights slightly higher than a Baikal, you might have chosen…


Gun reviews: Beretta Jubilee shotgun review: Alex Flint asks if this mid-range entry into Beretta’s line of premium shotguns can match up to its bigger, more famous brothers.

Steel shot cartridges: Can steel shot be used for pigeon shooting? Lewis Potter tests a variety from his cartridge bag.

Remington Versa Max semi-auto shotgun

Gun reviews: Remington Versa Max semi-auto shotgun: After reading favourable reviews, Jack splashed out on a Remington Versa Max semi-auto for coastal wildfowling. But did it meet expectations?