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Gun reviews: Browning Heritage shotgun: The Browning Heritage Sporter shotgun is probably one of the most talked about models I can remember.

Gun reviews: Blaser F3 Professional shotgun: Continual research and development into what serious clay and game shooters want in a gun has resulted in the exciting Blaser Professional – a…


Our rating:  89%

Gun reviews: John MacNab Woodcock shotgun: The John MacNab Woodcock shotgun is a side-by-side sidelock ejector with a middle of-the-range price tag.

Gun reviews: John MacNab Supreme shotgun: The Supreme shotgun from John MacNab is a gun designed very much with the game shooter in mind.

Krieghoff K20

Gun reviews: Krieghoff K20 shotgun: The Krieghoff K20 is a 20-bore shotgun for the discerning clay shooting fan.

Gun reviews: Huglu Europa shotgun: The Huglu Europa over-under shotgun has been designed with clay shooters, and their pockets, in mind.

Gun reviews: Shotguns for all-types of shooting: As September rolls around and the shooting season approaches, it is time to start thinking in earnest about your kit.

Is Savage’s new .22-250 the all-in-one rifle that shooters desire? Bruce Potts puts it to the test.

Gun reviews: Bioto .410 shotguns: They might be heavy but these South American-made side-by-side and over-under .410s are soundly made and built to get the job done.

Gun reviews: Browning B25 C2s sideplate shotgun: Ideal for walked-up grouse or early partridges, this longer-barrelled 28-bore offers a challenge that might bring the fun back into a jaded shooting…

Secondhand Krieghoff shotgun

Gun reviews: Secondhand Krieghoff shotguns The German gunmaking firm of Krieghoff was founded in the town of Suhl in 1886, but it wasn’t until post World War II years that…