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Sauer 202 Classic XT rifle

This Sauer 202 Classic XT rifle has quality engineering and a hard-wearing design that make it a rifle for serious deer stalkers.

Baikal 410 shotgun

Baikal .410 shotgun review : this sound-moderated conversion of the Baikal .410 could prove popular with young, first-time shooters, but does it do the job it’s meant to?


Our rating:  82%

The CLA Game Fair is not only the world’s greatest game fair, it is also the greatest gathering of best quality guns outside of a specialist auction, and as such,…

With the exception of some budget priced 1oz clay loads the cost of cartridges continues to creep ever upward and the latest price increase on the metals market is bound…

Blaser F3 MkII shotgun review: This German maker’s well-engineered Professional Game shotgun is their best to date.

Italian shotguns

The most popular gun used in game shooting today is the over-under, whose style, balance and ease of use have pushed it ahead of the side-by-side in many a gun…