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Gun reviews: Verney Carron Sagittaire shotgun: This Gallic featherweight shoots really rather well. The French have their own way of doing things and the world is a richer place for…

Gun reviews: Yildiz .410 shotgun: Turkish gun maker, Yildiz was a virtual unknown in Britain a few years ago but that’s all changed now.

CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle

The CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle is not as accurate as the CZ455 but it feels right as a no-nonsense hunting firearm


Our rating:  83%

Which shot for wildfowl? Don't get caught with your waders down. The shooting of wildfowl in certain parts of the UK demands by law you must use a lead alternative…

Gun reviews: Webley and Scott 3000 shotgun: Jason gets to grips with a Turkish-made O/U game gun carrying the world famous Webley and Scott name.

Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun: With the Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun, Webley and Scott have added to their comprehensive gun range with two eye-catching sidelocks made in Turkey -…

Gun reviews: Secondhand Merkel shotgun: There are two guns which are so alike it is hard to tell them apart even on close examination, yet they are built in rival…

Scope Tikka

Bruce Potts tries a competitively priced rifle package and finds the Tikka T3 Lite combo rifle to be reliable and accurate.


Gun reviews: Verney Carron Sagittaire shotgun: This shotgun from the French maker Verney Carron is well built, but with a stock that will be uncomfortable for some.

Rizzini RB EM shotgun review: Jason takes a close look at Rizzini’s seductively attractive round-body game gun – a good looker with performance to match.

Secondhand Hatsan Auto shotgun review: About 25 years ago a reader phoned Sporting Gun to tell us how, on a holiday in Turkey, he had bought a locally made 16-bore…

Gun reviews: Miroku Presidential shotgun: The Miroku Presidential shotgun is another fine example in a steadily improving range of guns.