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These game shooting cartridges aren't new to the market, but they offer something that packs a punch for guns of all bore sizes!

Beretta SV10 Prevail shotgun review

Gun reviews: Beretta SV10 Prevail shotgun: The Beretta SV10 Prevail shotgun is a bit different. Fans of the Beretta 680 series of guns will like the all-new SV10 Prevail, because…

English Boxlock shotguns for under £5,000: The side-by-side is indelibly associated with the best traditions of shooting. Many will aspire to own a named English gun to use in the…

English shotguns

English shotguns: Buying a Best English shotgun for a budget of up to £5,000 is a very interesting proposition - and could be quite controversial.

The Huglu 103D shotgun

Gun reviews: Huglu 103D shotgun: The Huglu 103D shotgun is a quality gun, for a surprisingly low price.


Gun reviews: William Powell Marquis shotgun: This 20-bore side-by-side sidelock ejector shoots splendidly, thanks to good design coupled with gun making that’s sound in all departments.

Browning B525 Game shotgun

Gun reviews: Browning B525 Game shotgun: Take a look at the Browning B525 - a shotgun that's been refined and redesigned. Was the wait worth it?


Gun reviews: Browning Heritage shotgun: The Browning Heritage Sporter shotgun is probably one of the most talked about models I can remember.

Gun reviews: Blaser F3 Professional shotgun: Continual research and development into what serious clay and game shooters want in a gun has resulted in the exciting Blaser Professional – a…


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