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Winchester Wildcat .22 LR semiautomatic

The Winchester Wildcat It’s nice to have another .22 semi-automatic rifle appear among the usual contingent of Rugers and Remingtons. This Winchester, though labelled as such, is made in Turkey.…


Our rating:  72%

Land Rover Defender 110 Hardtop

The word legend gets thrown around all too often, but in the case of the Land Rover Defender 110, it’s well deserved. Whether for duties on the farm, transporting our…


Our rating:  90%

Legend 2 MX8

Verdict on the Legend 2 MX8 A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting John Jeffries and shooting one of his custom guns. This gun was an exciting…


Our rating:  80%

Browning A5

Gun reviews: Browning A5 semi-auto shotgun: Browning’s original A5 was the world’s first mass-produced semi-auto shotgun.

Tikka M55

The Tikkakoski manufacturing company has had a long and chequered history since it was formed in the late-19th century in central Finland. World War II saw it pass into German…

SsangYong Rexton Ultimate

The SUV market is bursting with choice and SsangYong has thrown an even bigger hat into the mix with its all-new SsangYong Rexton Ultimate. Previously, the Rexton was a remodelled…


Our rating:  80%

Air Arms

S510 Tactical The S510 Tactical (S510T) is the perfect blend of usability and functionality. The action is built around the extraordinarily successful S510 (Winner of Airgun of the Year 2019,…

Caesar Guerini Invictus V

My first impressions were it is a good looking gun with lovely wood and fancy engraving. The Invictus V Ascent has a fine looking action, which I understand to be…

Anschütz 1761

I tested an Anschütz 1761 in .22 LR last year and was so impressed that I simply had to test this new walnut thumbhole stocked version in the flat-shooting .17…


Our rating:  90%

Land Rover Defender 90

The Land Rover Defender was a mainstay of rural and military life for quite some time. After a four-year gap waiting for the updated version, I was more than keen…


Our rating:  90%

Zoli Z One

The latest addition to the Z range is the Zoli Z One, a black-actioned Sporter with detachable trigger unit on a Boss-type action. The overall design of the gun conforms…


Our rating:  94%


The Härkila Stornoway 2.0 HWS coat is primarily designed for driven shooting. However, as it is relatively lightweight, windproof, breathable and waterproof, I decided to test it beyond what it…

Mosin-Nagant M1891

Occasionally, when you are browsing the used rifle racks something a little out of the ordinary shows up. This Mosin-Nagant M1891 is no exception. Of all the mass-produced bolt-action rifles…

Benelli Black Eagle

With its 3in chamber, matt black finish and easy-to-use controls, there is no mistaking that the latest incarnation of the Benelli Black Eagle has been designed for the wildfowler. (More…


Our rating:  94%

Aston Martin DBX

Renowned for producing high-end sports cars for secret agents and wealthy connoisseurs, Aston Martin is the latest to add an SUV to its range with the all-new DBX. Gimmick or…


Our rating:  100%