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Gun reviews: William Powell Zenith shotgun: The Zenith is a new 12-bore side-by-side from William Powell and, as Mike Yardley discovers, it’s just right for the market.

One of the attractions of the Yildiz .410 is that it’s built on a scaled down action to suit its; it isn’t simply a 20 or 28-bore with a set…

Remington 700

Remington 700 rifle review: Bruce Potts admire the 40-year old Model 700 whose bolt action rivals the best for strength.

Blaser Model B95 Standard rifle review: The Blaser B95’s unusual combination of shotgun and rifle barrels seems to perform both functions up to standard.

Sauer Wolverine Rifle review: Accuracy and finesse make the Sauer Wolverine a great all-round performer, says Bruce Potts.

Gun reviews: Kennedy Beretta shotgun: This Beretta has the famous reliability, bespoke measurements, the looks of a best Italian and an affordable price.

Ammo reviews: Winchester .270 cartridge: Calibres come in and out of fashion in the fickle world of ballistics, but with the right bullet, the .270 will give you more than

Purdey 20-bore Sporter : The Purdey 12-bore Sporter has, in a short time, earned itself a reputation as that rare type of gun that inspires the user.

Shooting is at its best on September stubbles, trying to pot a partridge or two with an old gun and cartridges to suit. Thankfully where the latter are concerned we’ve…

William Powell Phoenix shotgun is an Anglo-Italian blend of traditional build and handsome looks, creating an exceptional 12-bore over-under.


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