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If you're taking part in an organised hare shoot, are you sure you've got the right cartridge to kill cleanly? Hares make delicious eating and game dealers also pay reasonable…

A combination of Italian and Spanish gunmaking skills has gone to create a well affordable semi-automatic for field use. Jason looks at what you get for your money.

Lead alternatives cartridge review: It's disappointing to read in the newspapers that from a sample of ducks sold by game dealers in England 70% had been killed with lead shot,…

Boxall & Edmiston 12-bore shotgun review: It’s exciting to find a new English side-by-side sideplated boxlock costing £16,000 and made by a veritable Who’s-Who of top-flight craftsmen.

Rizzini BR552 Custom shotgun review: An avowed fan of side-by-sides, Mike Yardley finds this extra-finish round-bar gun instinctive to shoot.

William Evans Pall Mall shotgun review: It's hard to spot the difference between this Spanish made William Evans Pall Mall side-by-side, and a best English gun.

Mossberg 535 pump-action shotgun review: The Mossberg 535 pump-action shotgun is a strikingly camouflaged pump-action shotgun that would make the ideal tool for vermin and wildfowl.

Arrieta Viscount side-by-side shotgun review: The Arrieta Viscount side-by-side shotgun is a light, well-balanced Spanish shotgun with a superb ejector system and that looks as good as it is to…

Boxall & Edmiston shotgun: Looking for a top quality, affordable, British-made game gun? Jason reckons he has found the answer.

A device designed to make clay shooting and rifle practice more fun is coming to a gun shop near you. And it’s explosive stuff, reveals Robin.