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Yildiz Professional shotgun: Though semi-automatics may not be the first choice for many shooters this Turkish 20-bore gives a respectable performance.

Fausti 28-bore side-by-side shotgun review: Part of the Fausti Boutique custom-built range, this featherweight shotgun with a set of .410 barrels, is an excellent, light 28-bore.

Benelli Super Vinci shotgun: Traditionalists may baulk at its futuristic appearance, but the visually striking Benelli Super Vinci 3.1/2in magnum shotgun is a particularly practical firearm.

Secondhand Miroku MK70 shotgun

Around 50 years ago, so rumour has it, Miroku of Japan were building such good guns based on Browning-type actions that Browning turned to them to build their mass-market guns.


Our rating:  85%

Boxall & Edmiston Sidelock shotgun: If you want a quality side-by-side made to your specifications and costing in the region of £25,000, there is only one option. No other English…

Perazzi MX12 Pro Sport

Secondhand Perazzi MX12 Pro Sport: Perazzi advertise themselves as the Ferrari of gunmakers and, like the world-famous car builder, they owe their success to the single-minded determination of one man.

Shotguns for under £350: You don’t need a fancy gun to go rough shooting, and there’s a wide range to choose from.