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Shooting is at its best on September stubbles, trying to pot a partridge or two with an old gun and cartridges to suit. Thankfully where the latter are concerned we’ve…

William Powell Phoenix shotgun is an Anglo-Italian blend of traditional build and handsome looks, creating an exceptional 12-bore over-under.


Our rating:  87%

Browning X-Bolt rifle: Browning’s X-Bolt deer stalking rifle is practical and affordable.


Our rating:  83%

Designed with the younger shooter in mind, the .410 over-and-under Yildiz SPZM offers good looks, performance and affordability.

.17HMR calibre sound moderators: .17HMR sound moderators are increasingly popular due to the proliferation of this calibre. Here we take a look at several of the best on the market.

Weihrauch HW60J .17HMR rifle

Weihrauch HW60J .17HMR rifle: In the Weihrauch HW60J Bruce Potts finds a traditional, well-made .17HMR with excellent accuracy and the handling characteristics of a full-bore rifle


After testing it in the field, Lewis Potter find Guerini's elegant and refined new two-in-one gun is perfect for multitasking

Beretta A1391 Lightweight shotgun: The Beretta AL 391 semi-auto shotgun has won plenty of friends and fans since it arrived on British shores - and I can see this new…

Weatherby Accumark .300 magnum rifle: The Weatherby Accumark .300 embodies all that a long-range or magnum rifle should be. It has a good, solid synthetic stock with nice styling and…

The .20 Tactical calibre is often considered as the best pest control round for British shooters. Will manufacturers ever make the rifles to match it?