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Scottish shotguns review: The gun market today is somewhat dominated by the big names, be they the English masters such as Boss & Co., Holland & Holland and Purdey, or…

Which gun’s best for wildfowling – the new generation of long-chambered 12-bores, or a trusty old 10? Our writers review the options!

Remington 11-87 shotgun: In the early 1960s one of the most enduring semi-auto shotgun designs ever came off the drawing board of Remington’s Wayne E. Leek and achieved metal and…

Hull Cartridge Company has extended its range of cartridges by adding new shells to its Imperial Game, High Pheasant and Sterling Game brands.

Caesar Guerini Maxum shotgun review: A few years back I said that one gun maker who would make waves in the British market was Caesar Guerini.

William & Son Sidelock shotgun: The firm has gathered a team of superb craftsmen to work on this 12-bore side-by-side. Such expertise doesn’t come cheap but the result is a…

Merkel Model 50 British shotgun: marvel at the Merkel Model 50 British, a German shotgun with an elegant style that competes with the best of British side-by-sides.

Webley 912K shotgun

The Webley 912K shotgun is an affordable entry level gun that’s made abroad but carries one of the most famous names in English gunmaking.


Our rating:  91%

Beretta engineers tend to be conservative guys, believing in the gradual improvement of strong and proven designs rather than radical departures into completely new territory.

Less showy than its forebears, the lightweight and pointable Weatherby SA-08 performs comfortably as a jack-of-all-trades, says Lewis Potter

Rizzini Premier Sporting shotgun review: Rizzini is a pretty familiar name to UK shooters thanks to the fact that various importers have been distributing the guns here for quite a…