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The .338 BR is just the thing for the deer stalking enthusiast who wants a calibre that can produce one-shot kills without damaging the meat.

Zabala Toro shotgun review: The Zabala Toro shotgun is a flamboyant looking example from this Spanish gun maker.

Steel shot wildfowling cartridges: Shooting Super Magnum cartridges is now a reality on our foreshores. Tom’s a fan of them but, he wonders, how many others will use them?…

Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun review: This Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun is made by a co-operative that dates from 1962 but claims an ancestry stretching back to 1914 and now produces…

Miroku Mk38 shotgun review: This Miroku MK38 model with 30in barrels and Teague multi-chokes is hefty, utterly reliable, inexpensive and a formidable tool for high pheasants.

Cheap shotgun cartridges: Cheap ammunition is increasingly hard to come by. Here we look at an affordable new offering from Gamebore.

RPA International GP Hunter rifle review: The GP Hunter is a sporter version of RPA International’s well-respected match-grade and target-orientated rifle.

Are 28-bore guns 'man enough' to cope with really high driven pheasants? Here, Charles carries out a very unscientific experiment to find out the answer.

With an eye-catching stock and hand-cut scroll-engraving, the new Purdey Sporter over-and-under impresses Lewis Potter with its flawless performance

Beretta Perennia shotgun: With the Perennia, Beretta has come up with something very new in terms of over-under shotgun design.