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With modern factories and a ready supply of beautiful walnut, Turkey has some stunning exports. Lewis Potter reviews the new Yildiz, a gun that keeps its promises

The majority of shooters are well served for their sporting needs by the many rimfires on offer from various manufacturers. Sometimes, however, good is not good enough, and one hankers…

Testing the .17 calibre Fireball round: Certain smaller calibre rounds have their roots in the swinging Sixties, but, says Bruce Potts, it took many decades and Remington’s blessing for them…

Thompson Centre G2 Contender rifle review: The Thompson Centre G2 Contender is ideally suited to fox control and stalking in woodland where it can be used without fear of denting…

This Webley & Scott Lichfield 12-bore over-under game gun has 29½in barrels, a detachable trigger lock (incorporating a single-selective trigger), and a half-pistol stock.

This Webley & Scott side-by-side has a 30" barrel with a semi-pistol grip stock and a flat file cut rib. And it's a copy of Percy Stanbury's famous shotgun.

Sauer 202 Select rifle review: This Sauer 202 Select rifle has the old-world elegance of a superb rifle that can be tailored to the stalker's own specification.


Browning Heritage shotgun: The Browning Heritage Sporter shotgun is probably one of the most talked about new models I can remember for quite some time.