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Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifle review: The Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifle is the result of some subtle changes to its original M77 MK1 model.

The .17 Remington cartridge has often received mixed reviews. However, given the right situation, it is the ideal cartridge for varmint shooting.

Benelli Crio semi-auto shotgun: The state of the art barrel making process on this Benelli Crio shotgun places it one step ahead of the competition.

.260 Remington cartridge review: The .260 Remington cartridge is a versatile little bullet that is ideal as both a fox and deer round.

AyA No.1 Deluxe 20-bore shotgun: The Spanish gunmaker's new No.1 Deluxe model does a great impersonation of a traditional English side-by-side shotgun.

Sako 85 Hunter rifle

Sako 85 Hunter rifle review: The Finnish rifle maker Sako has improved on the 75 Hunter model by combining elegance, quality and accuracy, and has produced the 85 Hunter.


Here we take a look at some classic game cartridges and see what is available with a fibre wad.

Remington shotgun: 44 years after it was first produced, Remington's most recent model of its iconic 1100 semi-automatic has remained true to its strengths.

Savage 93R17 BTVS .17 HMR rifle review: This trim and handy HMR rifle ticks all the boxes. It's a reliable and accurate sporting gun with a sound pedigree and fine…

Yildiz 20-bore shotgun review

This shotgun from Turkish manufacturer, Yildiz, is practical 20-bore that combines modern manufacturing techniques with a touch of the traditional.

Fiocchi Official Trap cartridges: The Italian ammunition maker, Fiocchi, looks intent on regaining its market share of cartridge sales in Britain. A new range has been launched - and very…

RWS Titan 3 rifle review

RWS Titan 3 rifle review: Bruce Potts admires the overall look of the Titan 3, which has a great trigger and fine accuracy, as well as the option of having…

Gun reviews: Beretta Extrema 2 shotgun: The Beretta Extrema 2 features ultra modern materials and recoil reduction technology, so with this semi-automatic, you get a lot of gun for your

Remington Spartan 310 shotgun: We put a Remington Baikal shotgun under the spotlight. In spite of the low price, we're impressed - especially as the gun is available in small-bore…

Franchi Alcione shotgun

Franchi Alcione shotgun: Here we review a fresh-looking Franchi field gun out of Italy. Has the wait for this shotgun been worth it?


Our rating:  80%

Rizzini Premier 20-bore shotgun: Take a look at the Rizzini 20-bore shotgun - an Italian-made gun that looks set to win new friends in Britain.

Benelli Beccaccia shotgun: At first glance this new semi-automatic shotgun from Benelli might look no different to a dozen others - but the closer you look, the more surprises it…