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Fausti Falcon

Fausti Falcon Sporter shotgun: Here we take a look at the Italian Fausti Falcon shotgun, an over-under that's been revitalised following the merger of two gunmaking companies.

Gun reviews: Beretta Ultralight shotgun: Space age alloys and great handling characteristics put this Beretta Ultralight shotgun into a class of its own.

Zabala Beri-lux .410 shotgun: Congratulations to Spanish gunmaker, Zabala, on producing a model of .410 side-by-side shotgun called the Beri-lux.

Winchester Midnight shotgun: Cast an eye over the Winchester Midnight shotgun. Another successful piece of work from this classic gunmaker.

Miroku Universal shotgun review: Here we cast an an eye over the evergreen Miroku Universal - a shotgun that's reinvented itself as a very useful all-rounder for the clay and…

Gun reviews: Beretta Silver Pigeon 3 shotgun: This small-bore Silver Pigeon shotgun from Beretta is an excellent addition to any game shooter's range of guns.

Non-toxic cartridges: Still experimenting with non-lead loads and not sure which one's best for you and your gun? Here we try to help you make up your mind by taking…

Winchester shotgun: We weigh up the pros and cons of buying a used Winchester over-under shotgun.

Charles of Just Cartridges takes a look at the limited choice facing clay shooters using 20-bore guns. Will it ever change?

Beretta 682 shotgun: Beretta's 682 is the most successful competition gun ever created - and it's still in big demand on the used gun market.

Merkel KR1 rifle review

Merkel KR1 rifle review: Two rifles for the price of one? We review a high-grade stalking rifle from German manufacturer, Merkel, with changeable barrels and an upper-class pedigree.

Bettinsoli Sporter shotgun: Italian gunmakers, Bettinsoli, have waded into the market with a new Sporter that's been designed as a high specification gun, but with an entry level price tag.

28-bore shotgun cartridges: Be you a game or clay shooter - take a look at the different cartridges available for the 28-bore shotgun.

Winchester Select shotgun review: The Winchester Select shotgun has been with us in various guises for a number of years now. Read this review to find out why.

Single-shot air rifles are not everyones' first choice, but this award winning Logun Solo will leave you more than satisfied.

Howa 1500 Varmint rifle review

Howa 1500 Varmint rifle review: The Howa 1500 Varmint rifle has a design and finish that's easy on the eye, and a price-tag that's easy on the wallet.