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Perazzi High Tech S

This impressive 12-bore is pitched at the top end of the market and boasts the looks and performance you would expect, says Matt Hunt

Perazzi High Tech S

Perazzi High Tech S

Overall Rating: 100%

Manufacturer: Perazzi

Price as reviewed: £10,500

Reviewing the latest gun – the Perazzi High Tech S – from the most successful gunmaker of the 21st century comes with a considerable weight of responsibility.
In the shooting world Perazzi means ‘success’ and conjures up images of Olympic gold medals, world championships and, of course, our very own 26-times world champion, George Digweed MBE. The Perazzi over-and-under was also the first competition gun to cross over and be recognised as a high pheasant gun. Renowned game Shots, notably Simon Ward, realised that using a dedicated target gun gave them the edge and consistency on 40-yard-plus birds whether over their head or over the heather.

On reviewing the Perazzi High Tech S, I am immediately struck by the gun’s modern lines and striking looks. For those of us of a certain age its appearance is unconventional and — please don’t judge me — the 45° angle of the fore-end reminded me of a Baikal from the 1980s. However, it was fascinating to see the younger members of the team swoon over the gun and I saw that magical glint of aspiration in their eyes. This gun is going to be a huge success for Perazzi; it has planted that seed of desire and will give generational succession to the brand.
Perazzi High Tech S

Perazzi High Tech S


Technically, the Perazzi High Tech S does not stray far from the well-trodden path of the Perazzi brand. Its 32in barrels are monobloc in construction. The tubes are profiled perfectly and the barrel walls are an even 35 thou, of thickness, throughout.
The choking is fixed and I was struck by the length of the choke taper to the muzzle. This long, gentle taper will reduce pressure and wear on the choke when using steel shot. The choke constriction starts 10cm back from the muzzle to a 20 thou constriction at the muzzle, making it a true half-choke, or modified if you are from the other side of the Atlantic.
On a 12-bore, full choke is 40th constriction from the bore, three-quarter is 30th, half is 20th and a quarter is 10th. Few people have a bore gauge to measure choke but it is worth checking because you get surprising results when measuring some choke tubes against actual bore diameter.
The reverse tapered top rib is novel and gives the illusion of a consistent rib width for the full length of the barrel when mounted. It makes the 32in barrels feel shorter and, when shot, tends to take the eye and make you more aware of the barrels.
Though slightly wider, the action is a classic trigger-plate with bifurcating Boss-style bolt and interlocking barrel and action draws. Essentially, it’s seriously strong. Fixed and removable trigger groups are offered as is the option of a leaf/coil mainspring. The action finish is black with the maker’s branding detail in a banner. Traditional factory engraving options are available. It was fascinating to see this striking action detailing and branding replacing traditional engraving and how this appealed to the younger members of our team.
stock of perazzi

The finish on the stock brings out the grain in the wood to stunning effect

I love the stock shapes and lines throughout the gun, including the Baikal-style fore-end. The shapes ooze Italian style yet the feel is still familiar in the hand and on the face.

The stocking is superb; it does not have the bulky feel that other thoroughbred Italian competition guns can have. The comb is well positioned and the grip has a slim feel with a modest palm swell that connects with the hand well.
The finish is a silky wax oil type and the wood grain is well sealed, bringing out the contrast in the wood that gives the High Tech S a look of quality.
Perazzi High Tech S

Perazzi High Tech S


Itching to shoot the gun and feeling that I would never miss a target again, I stood under the high tower at Oxfordshire Shooting School. It didn’t go well. I struggled with line, then lead, then line again. I put this down to the photographer from Shooting Times standing behind me. He had a look on his face that said, “I thought you could shoot.”
Though I didn’t shoot the gun well, nothing felt wrong; in fact it was a joy to miss with. The problem was clearly with me, not the gun. The trigger-pulls felt like snapping an icicle, the gun felt balanced, and recoil and muzzle flip were non-existent.
After a break, I headed back on to the ground with a new degree of determination, and what a difference it made. The High Tech S is a performance gun and you approach it with a nonchalant attitude at your peril. But get behind it with competitive determination and it comes to life.
Getting a gun like the High Tech S set up and fitting correctly will be imperative. To facilitate this, Perazzi has long offered its Perazzi Experience, with a factory tour in Brescia, Italy, where you can meet the craftsmen and family behind the brand.
This experience is now being offered a lot closer to home; Oxfordshire, to be precise. Headed up by Shooting Times pigeon expert and Perazzi brand ambassador Tom Payne, the showroom is proving to be a valuable resource to both Perazzi dealers and customers.
Priced at more than £10,000, the Perazzi High Tech S is pitched at the top end of the competition gun market. And yes, there are less expensive guns that you will shoot just as well with. But value is a combination of factors, including brand, service, reliability and residual value. The High-Tech S scores exceptionally well on all counts and, for the customer who is looking for a gun to keep for 10 years or more, the High Tech S will represent exceptional value.
One niggle I have is that the High Tech S will struggle to cross over into the game world as successfully as its predecessors. I think the slightly bigger and heavier frame will be a bridge too far for many — and let’s face it, you would struggle to improve on an MX12.

Need to know

  • Manufacturer Perazzi, Italy
  • Model High Tech X
  • Bore 12
  • Barrels 32 in
  • Chamber 3in
  • Choke Fixed, half and half
  • Rib Reverse tapered
  • Grip Pistol with palm swell
  • Weight 8lb 7oz
  • UK Importer Ruag 01579 362319

Action and barrels  19/20 Strong, reliable action; pointable barrels
Handling 18/20 Balanced, with negligible recoil
Trigger 19/20 Extremely crisp trigger-pulls
Stock 18/20 Oozes style yet familiar in the hand
Value 17/20 Not cheap but robust and reliable
Overall score  91/200 A performance gun that is a joy to shoot


This gun is going to be a huge success for Perazzi; it has planted that seed of desire and will give generational succession to the brand.