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Pointer 612 Field shotgun review

Pointer 612 Field shotgun review

Pointer 612 Field shotgun review
Gun importers, Highland Outdoors haven’t said where the Pointer 612 comes from, but does it really matter?

With a recommended retail price of just £650 this 30in field gun is bound to attract the interest of people new to the sport, or those just looking for a no-frills all rounder.

Pointer 612 Field shotgun

Mechanically the gun appears to me to be a copy of the Spanish made Lanber – a model that remains one of the best selling guns ever to hit the UK market.

That’s just my view of things and when all’s said and done it could be a complete coincidence the guns are so similar.

So what do you get for your money?

Heart of the gun is an action housing a recoil operated mechanism for the second shot, a single selective trigger and an auto return safety catch that also incorporates the selector button.

Pointer 612 Field shotgun

The hammers are powered by coil springs and the second barrel pick up is set light enough to be activated by the first pull.

I have to say as well that the trigger pulls are very good for an entry-level gun of this price.

The 3in chambered barrels have been well struck up and polished before being treated to some nicely done blacking.

Pointer 612 Field shotgun

The gun has been subjected to Birmingham special steel shot proof and superior proof to cope with magnum cartridges.

Internal bore diameters are 18.4mm (or .724 in. in old money) and appear to have been chrome lined for easy cleaning.

The whole barrel assembly is then topped off with a narrow 7mm top rib which helps the gun point nicely.

The action frame has been finished in matt satin silver with black furniture and the acid etched engraving has also been highlighted in black for contrast.

Pointer 612 Field shotgun

There’s a mixture of scroll work with ducks on either side and a Pointer in silhouette on the base.

The 14.3/4in long stock finishes with a thin recoil pad that has a hard heel to help prevent snagging when shouldering.

Drops at heel and comb are 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in respectively – measurements that should suit most folk here.

Considering the price of this gun, the quality of the oil finished walnut stock is very good which suggests to me the Pointer has been made in Turkey.

Let’s face it, with almost all the world’s gunstock timber now coming out of Turkey it would be a very sad day if that country’s gunmakers didn’t get first pick of the crop, wouldn’t it?!

Pointer 612 Field shotgun

Overall weight of the gun is a shade under 7.1/4lb – an ideal weight in my view for an all-round gun.

It comes supplied with a set of five choke tubes and an ABS travel case.

The only thing I didn’t like on the gun was its engraving, but then what do you expect at this price?

Overall I was very pleasantly surprised at the way it has been put together.

If I’m honest, it’s a nice gun for the price – one that delivers great value for money.

Pointer 612 marks out of 10

Pointer 612 Field shotgun



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