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Remington V3

As a Remington fan since buying his first Super Magnum more than a decade ago, Shane had the chance to test the new V3

Remington V3

Remington V3

Overall Rating: 92%

Manufacturer: Remington

Price as reviewed: £1,200

While I was at the British Shooting Show in February, I took the opportunity to get around and see what was coming out. I was taken with the Remington V3 and asked if I could take a good look at it. I’ve been a Remington fan since buying my first 1187 Super Magnum from a friend a decade or so ago. Although, unless it was kept spotless, it had a habit of ‘coughing’ occasionally.

I wasn’t overly taken with the Versa Max because I found it a little unwieldy and a little pricey for what it was. I was, however, impressed by the then new Versa Port gas system, which is used in the V3. A solid well thought-out principle that effectively allows you to shoot any load and cartridge length through the gun. A far superior system than the olden days of the rubber seal under the gas piston.

Out of the box

I was sent the 28in barrelled Remington V3 unrestricted (FAC) in Mossy Oak Blades pattern (also available in wood, black and in Mossy Oak Break Up patterns). The guns are made in 26in and 28in, although only the 28in guns are brought into the UK. The 26in is available as a special order only item. They are also available in a standard three-shot version.

Remington V3

The 28in barrelled V3 unrestricted (FAC) in Mossy Oak Blades pattern

Straight out of the box the gun felt nicely balanced. The furniture was hard touch plastic with stippled hand grips. The fore-end filled the hand nicely and wasn’t too slight. This gave a comfortable swing and good handling. The stock, too, came nicely to the shoulder and the Supercell butt pad felt nice and soft when I was wearing just a shirt, although with my wildfowling coat on it caught me under the armpit while trying to shoulder the gun.

The barrels were well made, as you would expect from a company that has been making guns for more than 200 years. Nicely balanced with 3in chambers, the 7mm rib and mid bead lined up the eye nicely to the white foresight bead.

Remington V3 chokes

The reviewer would have preferred the chokes to come with markings to allow you to see which is fitted


The gun comes with three chokes as standard and my only criticism is that they aren’t marked in favour of the user. Most chokes nowadays come with markings and notches cut in them to allow you to see which choke is fitted in the gun. These only come with writing on the side, which could create issues if you are not careful. Also if you end up rubbing off the markings you could end up playing choke roulette, which again could cause issues. The full choke was a slightly different colour but you could only see that when it’s clean. Let it get dirty and you could end up putting steel through a full choke. Fine if you are using standard loads but using high performance steel you will do damage!

Remington V3

The gun’s Versa Port gas system allows you to effectively shoot any load and cartridge


The trigger system and mag lock were all standard and the action was well made and solidly put together. Trying to get the bolt head out to clean was a little fiddly but all was well once I had sussed it out. It shot nicely and was very comfortable with the standard 28g clay loads, even with heavier 36g steel loads there was no discomfort. You could tell you were using the RC 50 no 2s, but that’s to be expected and they were by no means uncomfortable.

Remington V3

The V3 comes in four styles: black, wood, Mossy Oak Blades (test) and Mossy Oak Break-Up camo

Scores on the doors

Build quality 23/25
Handling 23/25
Styling 23/25
Value for money 23/25

Price: RRP £1,200

More information: Remington or Raytrade UK

Remington V3

The 7mm rib and mid bead lined up nicely to the white foresight bead


Nicely made and well finished, the Remington V3 handles well. With a £1,200 RRP, some people will think it’s pricey. But with Benelli and Beretta touching £2k, it’s comparable and good value. Even the Turkish guns are creeping up in price now. Is it double the gun for double the money? I think so!

Remington V3

The action was well made and solidly put together

Tech Spec

  • Weight: 7lb 4oz
  • Overall length: 49in
  • Barrel: 28in
  • Length of pull: 14¼in
  • Drop at comb: 40 to 65mm
  • Heel to toe: 130mm