Bruce Potts tries out the latest model in the Remington 597 range and discovers that it’s one of the best semi-auto rimfire rifles on the market

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Remington Model 597 HB


Remington Model 597 HB reviewed by Shooting Times


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Remington Model 597 HB

Remington Model 597 HB

Having tested the Remington Model 783 stalking rifle, a new version of the ubiquitous Model 597 semi-automatic rimfire landed at my door. With few choices in rimfire semi-autos available to shooters, and many vermin shooters favouring the speed and agility that a lightweight semi-automatic has to offer, the Remington 597 range has certainly been offering a lot for shooters since its introduction in 1997.

A few years

It has been more than 10 years since I shot a 597 so the new HB (heavy-barrelled) version was 
a welcome change. I prefer a bolt action for vermin control, but cannot deny the use of a good semi-auto for volume vermin, lamping and squirrel duties. The trouble is that many semi-autos by their nature tend to be unreliable and susceptible to malfunction, usually due to an accumulation of unburned powder or irregular cleaning. Whereas some rimfire semi-autos need modification straight away, the 597 has always 
been a winner without any help 
from aftermarket aids or add-ons.

The Model 597 is a lightweight, synthetically stocked rifle designed for sporting use. However, it has the ability to transcend target, plinking or hunting duties due to its great handling, price and reliable operation — not to mention accuracy.

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