Bruce Potts tries out the latest model in the Remington 597 range and discovers that it’s one of the best semi-auto rimfire rifles on the market

Product Overview

Remington Model 597 HB


Remington Model 597 HB reviewed by Shooting Times


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  • The 597’s design follows the tried-and-tested “blow-back” action that allows the recoil from the cartridge case to cycle the action.
  • The alloy action body, painted black, is very neat and nicely contoured, with all pressure 
or securing points made from steel 
for strength and consistent integrity.
  • The bolt moves in a guidance system to travel smoothly on two rails that are sprung from back to front and locate in the action face. This essentially stops the bolt twisting 
in operation and eliminates binding along its short, fast travel.
  • The bolt 
has a single extractor claw to the right.
  • The empty case is ejected via a static ejector that protrudes from the base of the receiver through the bolt on the back stroke and flicks the rim of the case out sideways through the small ejector port.
  • The bolt handle is larger than I remember and provides a good hold in cold weather.

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