Remington's Model 700 is one of the most copied guns in the world - and not without reason. Bruce Potts tests the latest stainless steel design

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Remington Model 700 Mountain SS


Remington Model 700 Mountain SS reviewed by Shooting Times


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Remington Model 700 Mountain SS

The roe buck, cleanly despatched with the Barnes VOR-TX copper bullets

In the field

We were at the end of the roebuck season and that meant a few trips 
to Scotland to use the Mountain 
in its intended environment. The lighter weight and slim nature of this rifle is a real bonus to a hunter on the move, especially manoeuvring up and down steep gulleys to overlook deer tracks and feeding areas.
I fitted a smaller Kahles scope 
to save weight — its wide field of view and excellent optics are perfect for close-range forestry work — and I left off the sound moderator.
With no real crops left on any 
of the fields, it was a case of waiting patiently, starting high and slowly working my way down. I’ve had luck before in the late season, with nice bucks still showing themselves because there’s a lull before the red deer rut and fewer people around.
I was up at daylight and had spotted some nice fresh slots traversing a steep gully area. I set up under the sloping canopy of an up-ended conifer so I could not be seen from behind if he went that way, and the wind, to some degree, would be absorbed by the earthy stump.
To add a little enticement I also used a few muted calls as a lost roe kid to bring in its mother, with hopefully a buck in tow. It was a long wait, but sure enough a lovely buck came strolling down the gulley 
track. That Remington was in the shoulder and the reticle tracking his vitals, the rifle nestling into my shoulder perfectly.
As soon as he passed the brush a short whistle stopped him long enough for the Barnes bullet to find its mark. A couple of bounds and he was down, with minimal venison wastage from the all-copper round.


Another great rifle from Remington — you don’t have to change things to be better. That M700 short action is time proven for accuracy, strength and reliability.

I am warming to the 7mm-08 cartridge, too, and the Mountain is lightweight,
 lovely to look at and Scottish weatherproof. The synthetic stock is a bonus when 
you’re stumbling over tussocks, wading through peat bogs and bashing branches through forestry.

You don’t need a big rifle to shoot better — if it’s purely for hunting, 
a lightweight is plenty big enough.

  • Accuracy: Shoots perfectly first time to point of aim 18/20
  • Handling: Lightweight and great handling characteristics 18/20
  • Trigger: Good factory trigger 17/20
  • Stock: Perfect design and weight for this style of rifle 18/20
  • Value: Good value lightweight hunting rifle 18/20
  • Score: 80/100


You don’t need a big rifle to shoot better — if it’s purely for hunting, 
a lightweight is plenty big enough

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