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Ruger American Ranch rifle


Ruger American Ranch rifle


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What grabs your attention instantly is the synthetic stock. It is a pretty standard moulded design, great for real-world stalking or foxing. The fore-end, though of hollow construction, has been strengthened by criss-cross plastic braces laterally that stop flex, which would otherwise destroy accuracy. For a better grip there are moulded-in raised finger grooves with stippled additions.
I like the overall texture and colour; it is not your normal black or green but a matt-finished flat dark earth. There is also a moulded-in trigger-guard and, combined with a synthetic magazine, there is nothing to rust, except the metal sling swivel studs.

Ruger American Ranch rifle – need to know

Manufacturer Ruger

Type Bolt action

Model Ranch

Stock Synthetic, dark earth

Barrel 16in

Weight 5.9lb

Overall length 36.25in , with MAE sound moderator 41in

Sights One-piece Picatinny rail, fitted

Trigger Single-stage Marksman

Safety Tang mounted single action plus cocking indicator

Calibre .300 AAC Blackout

UK Supplier Viking Arms Ltd

Sound moderator MAE,  JMS Arms

Scope Leupold, Viking Arms

Ammunition Hornady factory, Edgar Brothers

Reload supplies Norman Clark Gunsmith

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