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Second-hand Krieghoff shotgun reviewed by Sporting Gun magazine

Charles Smith-Jones looks at the Krieghoff K-80, a shotgun that is a bit special

Krieghoff K-80 shotgun

Krieghoff K-80

Manufacturer: Kreighoff

Pros: Very high levels of craftsmanship

Cons: Krieghoff products do not come cheap

This second-hand Krieghoff shotgun, the K-80, was launched in 1980 as a dedicated claybuster, and it has evolved since then. Be warned, though – we are not looking at the budget end of the market here. Krieghoff products do not come cheap, as its prices reflect very high levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Refined second-hand Krieghoff shotgun

The K-80 is a refined and advanced version of the K-32, which was itself based on the Remington Model 32 design. Its rather modernistic appearance belies the traditional values that go into making it. There are several variations, all built on the same strong, reliable action that features an unusual sliding top. This closure system, despite enjoying some overseas popularity, is still an unusual sight in the UK. A sliding top allows for a low-action profile, removes the need for more conventional closure fittings, keeps the fit tight and enables the gun to absorb stress more efficiently.

Of the available models, all of which come with a choice of barrel length and formats, the Skeet, Sporting and Pro-Sporter tend to have a flat rib tapered from 10mm to 6mm. The Trap comes with either tapered step, adjustable or Pro ribs, and was often supplied with spare barrel combinations. The K-80 has a single selective trigger, but release trigger systems, popular in competitive trap shooting, are available on special order in single and double-release configurations. The barrel selector is located just forward of the trigger and can be locked to prevent it from being switched unintentionally.

Though the line was originally intended for the competition shooter, some models come with field credentials. The Parcours and Victoria have 8mm ribs and are marketed as multipurpose guns, weighing in at least 1lb less than the heavier competition models. The Victoria is designed with the female shooter in mind. Lighter and made with a purpose-built stock, the swell of the grip and fore-end are tailored to better suit smaller hands, and even its bespoke gun case is a thing of beauty.

Many of the more recent guns will have left the factory with a finish called ‘diamond glaze’, a hard urethane coating shell that provides outstanding protection to the woodwork. Highly resistant to high humidity or heavy rain, it is of particular benefit to shooters who travel widely and encounter conditions that may cause the wood to swell. It is also resistant to minor knocks and scratches and easily cleaned, while Krieghoff endorses the finish as bringing out the full beauty of the wood grain.

shotgun chokes

A variety of choke types can be chosen to truly customise the gun


Those wishing to tailor the balance of their gun to personal requirements can opt for the Krieghoff balance system. The barrel can be fitted with up to three additional 40g weights below the fore-end, making a total front adjustment of up to 120g possible.

A stock bolt can also be inserted into the butt, adding an initial 40g, which can be increased in 30g increments up to 130g.

Krieghoff guns leave the factory adorned with attractive engravings as standard, but the purchaser of a brand new K-80 can choose higher levels of embellishment and some of the custom work is truly stunning. Likewise, there are multiple grades of wood on offer, along with a host of other options for the gun, including titanium or gold-plated triggers, nickel pins, multiple choke types and a choice between beavertail or Schnabel fore-ends. Overall, the variations available seem to be almost limitless, resulting in what is for all intents and purposes a bespoke gun.

Certainly no budget gun for the occasional shooter, the K-80 is instead for someone who takes their sport very seriously indeed. Precisely balanced, immensely strong and utterly dependable, it will satisfy the most demanding of owners. All this inevitably comes at a price and sadly for the buyer with restricted means, Krieghoff guns hold their value well. As a result, you are very unlikely to come across a cut-price bargain second-hand Krieghoff shotgun on the sale racks.

Tech specs

  • Configuration Over-and-under
  • Action Boxlock
  • Choke Fixed or multichoke
  • Chamber 3in
  • Barrel length 28 to 34in
  • Ejector/non-ejector Ejector
  • Safety catch Manual or automatic
  • Weight (12-bore) 8lb (Parcours, 30in barrels), 9lb 1oz (Sporting, 32in barrels)
  • Available in calibres 12, 20, 28-bore and .410 (some calibres specific to individual models)
  • Cost new Starting from around £15,025 (basic Parcours) to over £65,000
  • Cost used Expect to pay well into four figures, even for an older model