For an entry-level gun, Beretta’s neat little over-and-under offers all the design features you’d expect and won’t let you down, says Roger Glover

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Beretta 690 Field 1 20-bore


Beretta 690 Field 1 20-bore reviewed by Shooting Times


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In typical Beretta style, the wood chosen for the stock is of a high standard for an entry-level gun. Though a little plain in colour shades — and a bit of a mismatch between butt and fore-end colour — it has some interesting grain patterns and tiger stripe/fiddleback effect throughout, certainly enough to state its class. The only negative was that the chequering at the hand, though crisp, was a little lacklustre in the shaping of the panel. It looks amateur in design and not 
in keeping with the rest of the gun.

Operationally, this gun surprised me, as I often find it difficult to connect with targets using a 20-bore. The lack of weight and reduced proportions usually means I’m left struggling with a gun that doesn’t fit and doesn’t carry a swing through too well. Not so with the 690 I — 
it performs far better than I had expected. I took 80 per cent of what 
I shot at and any misses were down to me and not the gun — quite pleasing for my moderate skill level.

Presented in Beretta’s smart blue ABS case, the Berretta 690 Field I comes broken down with a choice of five choke tubes, a choke key, a bottle of Beretta gun oil and, in modern global-style marketing a set of sling swivels, which are not generally used in the UK on game guns.

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