For an entry-level gun, Beretta’s neat little over-and-under offers all the design features you’d expect and won’t let you down, says Roger Glover

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Beretta 690 Field 1 20-bore


Beretta 690 Field 1 20-bore reviewed by Shooting Times


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Beretta 690 Field I 20-bore

The decoration on the action is classically Italian, with delicate embellishments

Action/barrels: A high standard of engineering excellence and finish. No single part looks like a weat link – everything has a purpose and is well executed for that function. 19/20

Stock: Full-sized and yet in keeping with the action size; dropped and cast to suit adults, yet still compact enough for ladies and youths. A good solid choice of timber an well fitted and finished. 18/20

Trigger: A little disappointing in the mount of movement and effort required, but it does instill confidence of safety and doesn’t seem to be an issue in use. Safety catch and barrel selector are fine, if a little out of style with the rest of the action. Ejectors fulfil their brief and clear cases with ease. 16/20

Handling: Far better than expected – an absolute gem of a gun to use. Quick to poitn but still able to follow a target and lead to a successful shot. Easy to carry all day. 19/20

Value: Beretta does hold a bracket of the market that not everyone can stretch to, but it also upholds a quality standard that dictates that price. There are cheaper guns in this bracket but they won’t hold their value like the Beretta will. 90/100


An absolute gem of a gun to use

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