This month’s review looks at the rather stunning Browning Heritage Hunter in 20-bore – a calibre that seems to be getting more popular than ever.

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Browning Heritage Hunter


Browning Heritage Hunter


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In the field

For the shooting test I thought I would put as many different cartridges through the gun in terms of shot size and weight including some 35gram magnum cartridges.  I put the ¼ and ½ chokes in which tends to be the default choice for many game shooters.

Starting on the 40ft tower with 21 gram cartridges the gun was a pleasure to shoot – the extra weight gave a smooth movement and the patterns were perfect. Walking into the back field at the shooting school made use of a FITASC practice layout that had been in use for the recent world championships, not quite what the gun was intended for but it would give it a good test. It did perform very well on some long teal and battues mixed in with a few rabbits for good measure. I switched to the 24 gram cartridges which were certainly effective.

We then carried on to the more conventional partridge and high towers including some extreme targets off the 130 ft tower to really put the gun through its paces using some 30 and 35 gram cartridges. The latter were a little punchy but usable provided you’r e not on a big day. As expected it’s a gun that handles superbly and fits the bill perfectly.


A fantastic high-grade gun that will serve you well

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