This shotgun was introduced in 2003. After twelve years of production there are now many Browning B525 models on offer, both to buy new and second-hand and they are all well worth investigating.

Product Overview

Browning B525


  • A good selection of variants to choose from


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Second-hand Browning B525


Price as reviewed:

£1,000.00 (Second-hand)

When Browning introduced their B725 model, a lot of people thought that the B525 had come to the end of its production run. Many people will have been relieved to learn that this is not the case – there are 14 different versions of the gun, which include an excellent selection of field models.

Browning B525

An excellent selection of field models is available


Furthermore, in Europe there was never a B625 – this was a model that has been made for the American market since 2008. Some versions of the B625 are marketed under the Citori label, which is literally just marketing speak by Browning as the word Citori doesn’t actually mean anything.

The typical Browning B525

Browning B525 scrollwork

Scrollwork on the Browning B525


The guns are built in the same style as the original B25 design of John Moses Browning but today are made in Japan at the Miroku factory.

The Browning heritage means that all B525s have rather tall boxlock actions with full-width hinge pins, a characteristic which gives them a different “feel” to a typical Italian gun, such as a Beretta.


This sort of handling suits some shooters down to the ground. It can be compared to most of the Mirokus as well as the old Winchester 101 series.

The variety of B525s available

At the time of writing the B525 field shooting variants include: The Game, the 20-bore Hunter, the Hunter Straight (an over-and-under with a straight-hand stock), a 28-bore, a 410, and a number of lightweight versions.

I think that over-and-unders with straight-hand stocks look particularly classy. The reality is though that the stock style is only of practical use on a double-trigger gun.

In addition, there are 12-bore sporters and a couple of trap guns.

Although that’s a good selection of variants, it used to be better.  I counted 27  before the arrival of the B725 and if you counted all the different barrel lengths available, there were well over 50 guns to choose from.

As a result, there are plenty of second-hand B525s to choose from and with that number you should find something to suit your taste.

All guns have single, selective triggers, some of which are adjustable in the fore-and-aft plane.

Typical Browning two-piece ejectors are powered by a kicker mechanism mounted on the fore-end iron.

All safety mechanisms, even on field models, are manual, and barrel selectors are incorporated in the safety thumb button.

Woodwork varies from grade to grade, but is generally very good.

Dimensions also vary, but a typical sporter stock length is 14.3/4in, with drops of 1.1/2in and 2.1/2in at comb and heel respectively.

What should you expect to pay?

There’s a big selection of guns here so it’s hard to pin down an exact price. However if you shop around you should be able to pick up a new basic Sporter for £1,350 or a bit more. A similar second-hand gun in good condition could be around £1,150 although you might be lucky and find one for £950.





Many second-hand models which are well worth a look