Should you back a solid all-rounder or a specialist bolter? Alex Flint investigates

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Krieghoff K-20 Parcours


Krieghoff K-20 Parcours


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£11,222.00 (From)
Krieghoff K-20 Parcours

The wood has been well finished throughout

Engraving and finishing

The quality of engraving and finishing on the gun is very good indeed. The wood on our test gun is dark and well figured, and the fit to the metal parts of the gun is superb. Engraving is excellent, and has clearly seen many hours of hand work put into bringing depth and detail into the intricate foliate design, particularly on the bottom of the action.

Starting at a little over £11,000, this is an attractive proposition indeed – the gun is well-built and is lovely to shoot, offering excellent mounting and very steady movement.

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