The Hunter Sporting Cross-over is intended to be a gun for every job, from game shooting to clays, and for Roger Glover it ticks all the boxes

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Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter 12-bore


Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter 12-bore reviewed by Shooting Times


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The Lincoln Vogue HSX is 
the latest development of the Vogue game gun.

The HSX, or Hunter Sporting Cross-over, is designed for clays as much as for game or rough shooting and is Lincoln’s attempt to please all parties and create a single gun for every job.

The 30in barrel length is pretty much standard for most guns these days — long enough for a good swing and a bit of reach, yet not ungainly 
in a pigeon hide. Chambered at 3in and chromed right through, you can use it with steel shot or any other 
non-toxic load.

The side ribs are vented, both as a weight reduction and to aid barrel cooling in repetitive firing situations. The top rib is at the typical Sporter width of 11mm, parallel along its length and heavily ventilated to retain a clear sight picture. A machined triple groove track draws your eye 
to the red optical foresight element.

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