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Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter 12-bore


Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter 12-bore reviewed by Shooting Times


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The stock is right-hand cast, so 
I think Lincoln would have done better to leave a little more meat 
in the width of the hand, especially 
on the right, as at least a token towards a palm swell. That said, you can still pull the gun in tight without a problem. A respectable ventilated recoil pad finishes the butt off and soothes what little recoil is produced. At 14¾in length of pull and with 2¼in of drop at the heel and a little over 
⅛in of cast, it fitted me quite well.
It also seemed to fit others reasonably well too as I didn’t see anyone shoot badly with it.

Overall the finish is pretty good, the action being black throughout, barring the trigger-blade and the highlighted details of game birds and clays on the cheeks of the action in gold. There is scroll engraving on the top strap, top lever, around the hinge and on the trigger-plate. Rather smartly, the top of the breech is finished in a stippled effect, which has excellent anti-glare properties. The blacking of the barrels is first-class, lovely and deep with not a blemish 
in sight, well worthy of any gun.

Need to know

Maker: Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini (FAIR), Italy
Distributor: John Rothery Wholesale
Model: Lincoln Vogue HSX
Bore: 12-bore, 76mm chambers
Barrels: 30in vented ribs, 11mm Sporter top rib
Action: Over-and-under boxlock, all-black finish
Weight: 7lb 8oz
Features: Single selective adjustable trigger, manual safety catch, multichokes, ejectors
Price: £1,199.95 (currently with £50 cashback from distributor)

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