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Turkish shotguns: ATA Lightweight Field O/U

We appear to be going through a kind of renaissance in the British shooting trade, with a variety of new guns emerging on to the market – many of these coming from Turkey. Turkish ATA Arms…


Our rating:  88%

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter

If there is a problem with this gun, it’s that you get too much gun for the money. So not a problem at all really. This Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade…

Secondhand Browning B725

When Browning introduced the B725 shotgun a little over two years ago, the reaction among a number of shooters was to ask why they bothered? This was not so much a criticism as an acknowledgment…

Hatsan Escort Magnum Extreme

The semi-automatic shotgun — or self-loading shotgun if you wish to be very British — is an interesting concept. When viewed in a dispassionate way simply as a multi-shot firearm it is very efficient and…


Our rating:  83%

Lincoln Premier Wildfowler

Prior to the ban on lead ammunition over wetlands at the end of 1999, most of my “serious” wildfowling was carried out with my “big gun”, a 6-bore muzzle-loader — though later I acquired…


Our rating:  85%

A secondhand AyA shotgun can make a worthy and very enjoyable investment, says Mike.

Yildiz O/U Sporter

Yildiz is one of the best-known Turkish gunmakers in the UK. Its guns have been imported and distributed by Entwistle Guns in Preston, Lancashire for a number of years. Initially, the company’s guns have…


Our rating:  89%

Browning Citori

Secondhand Browning Citori: If you were trying to think of a name for a new gun you hoped would conquer world markets, what would you call it? Browning had that…

Holland & Holland Sporting Over and Under

If you’ve never seen a modern shotgun from one of the great English makers in the flesh, you might be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. Whether side-by-side or over-and-under, it is…


Our rating:  92%

Browning Maxus stock

Beretta ES100 Forty years ago, a semi-auto was a cheap gun, selling for a few hundred pounds. Then, as the guns became more mechanically complex, prices crept up until a…

Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter

Webley & Scott has brought an addition to its range in the form of a slightly more specialised Sporter. Mechanically, the Webley & Scott 912 Extreme Sporter is the same as the other…


Our rating:  88%

shotguns under £1000

I’ve listed the recommended retail price here. These shotguns are under £1000 – although you may find that some guns are available on a deal so that you can save…

Gamba Daytona shotgun

This gun is a multichoke, but fixed-choke and trap versions are also available and Gambas can be customised with extra features to order. On the American market there is a…


Our rating:  75%

Blaser F3 Vantage

By now your eyes will no doubt have fallen on the picture of the subject of this month’s review. With a tall rib and flared muzzles disgorging exposed chokes, the F3 Vantage…


Our rating:  86%

Franchi Affinity

Although not one of the names you might first think of when considering mass-market gunmakers, Franchi has had a presence in the UK market for many years. The company was…


Our rating:  90%

Despite being envisioned and designed by Winchester engineers in America, I’d say that the Winchester 101 shotgun owes much of its appearance and and influences to Browning. Beretta inspired design…

Yildiz shotgun

“Beware the man with one gun” is an old but valid saying. It refers to the shooter who uses one gun for every type of shooting. Now, it is not…


Our rating:  88%

Browning 725

The Browning 725 has been around for a year or more and has been well received. Now comes the Grade 5 — which, for those who are more used to…


Our rating:  92%