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This guide points out which shotguns would make a fantastic present for a shooter this Christmas

Gun reviews: Beretta 486 side-by-side shotgun: Innovative when compared with its forerunners and an improvement aesthetically, this is the best Beretta side-by-side we’ve shot to date.

Gun reviews: Rizzini RB EM shotgun: Jason takes a close look at Rizzini’s seductively attractive round-body game gun – a good looker with performance to match.

Mossberg .410 shotgun

Gun reviews: Mossberg .410 shotgun: It isn't a thing of beauty, but this moderated Mossberg .410 is a brilliant tool when it comes to controlling vermin.


Gun reviews: Perazzi MX8 SC3 shotgun: Long the choice of champions, Alex Flint asks if a proven medal winner from Perazzi can cut the mustard in the field.

Gun reviews: William & Son 16-bore shotgun: This assisted-opening side-by-side is an elegant example of the best of British gunmaking. Unsurprisingly, it is not cheap.