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Gun reviews: Shotguns for all-types of shooting: As September rolls around and the shooting season approaches, it is time to start thinking in earnest about your kit.

Shotguns: AYA No.2 de luxe 20-bore shotgun: We test this more affordable version of AYA's No.1 lightweight sidelock.


Gun reviews: Bioto .410 shotguns: They might be heavy but these South American-made side-by-side and over-under .410s are soundly made and built to get the job done.

Gun reviews: Browning B25 C2s sideplate shotgun: Ideal for walked-up grouse or early partridges, this longer-barrelled 28-bore offers a challenge that might bring the fun back into a jaded shooting…

Secondhand Krieghoff shotgun

Gun reviews: Secondhand Krieghoff shotguns The German gunmaking firm of Krieghoff was founded in the town of Suhl in 1886, but it wasn’t until post World War II years that…

Secondhand Remington semi-auto shotgun review: Next year will mark an important anniversary for what must be the world’s favourite semi-automatic shotgun. Yes – the dear old Remington 1100 will be…

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun review: Tullio Marengoni must be the most famous gun designer that the majority of British shotgun shooters have never heard of.