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Remington 1100 Sporter shotgun: Remington's big-selling 1100 is an auto with a very long heritage in the UK, one that goes way back to the 1960s with pigeon shooters, wildfowlers…

Charles of Just Cartridges has some good news to give on the cost of shotgun shells this year.

Browning B725 Hunter G1 shotgun

A study in evolution, the new game gun from Browning is pointable, reliable and pleasing to the eye - and it performed well.


Our rating:  88%

Small bore cartridges: One of my godsons kindly invited me to a small-bore day on his family-run shoot, during which an afternoon a gale sprang up.

Baikal MP43 E-1C shotgun

Baikal MP43 E-1C shotgun review: With superior steelwork, strong mechanics and good performance, the latest Russian-made side-by-side should impress.


Our rating:  83%

Purdey side-by-side shotgun review: Here we look at a new pair of Purdey side-by-sides whose provenance is interesting; they were made for Ray Ward Gunsmiths by near neighbour, James Purdey.

A pair of shotguns could be a great addition to your gun cabinet, so take a look at these options!

Yildiz Professional shotgun: Though semi-automatics may not be the first choice for many shooters this Turkish 20-bore gives a respectable performance.

Fausti 28-bore side-by-side shotgun review: Part of the Fausti Boutique custom-built range, this featherweight shotgun with a set of .410 barrels, is an excellent, light 28-bore.

Benelli Super Vinci shotgun: Traditionalists may baulk at its futuristic appearance, but the visually striking Benelli Super Vinci 3.1/2in magnum shotgun is a particularly practical firearm.

Secondhand Miroku MK70 shotgun

Around 50 years ago, so rumour has it, Miroku of Japan were building such good guns based on Browning-type actions that Browning turned to them to build their mass-market guns.


Our rating:  85%