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Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun.
Rottweil is a name more associated with quality shotgun cartridges than it is gun production.

The company has had a presence for many years in the UK with its ammunition range but it is only comparatively recently that its moniker has appeared on shotguns as well.

Yet getting an established gunmaker to produce a gun with the Rottweil name on it is a useful marketing ploy and clever bit of brand extension.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

The 580 Sporter is made as an entry-level gun by one of Italy’s leading mass producers.

Let me say straight away that this plain but elegant gun has been built with the emphasis very much on giving its buyers value for money.

This it does very well without sacrificing or skimping on good gun making principles – in fact the gun has been built to a sound, strong and reliable design.

The action body sports a fairly plain silver finish with a little bit of scroll and border engraving while the furniture – top lever, non-auto safety catch, trigger, guard and fore-end iron – have been done in a nice contrasting black.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

The same simple, clean design extends to the internal workings where both hammers, complete with intercepting safety bents, pivot from the trigger plate with the sears above.

Thanks to the captive held coil mainsprings the hammers also rebound during firing which prevents striker drag when the gun is opened.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

The mechanism works on inertia for the second barrel reset and this is lightly set so that it will select very easily.

The bores have been chromed for durability and easy cleaning and the forcing cone linking the chamber to the bores has been extended to reduce recoil and improve pattern quality.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

Outside, the barrels have been treated to a gloss black and finished to a high level.

The lacquer-finished woodwork is very plain – but acceptable bearing in mind the value element – and built to fairly standard dimensions that will suit most people.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

Stock length including the recoil pad) is 14.3/4in with drops at comb and heel of 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in respectively. It carries a right hand cast of 1/4in.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun features

• Spring loaded ejectors
• Matted ventilated top and side ribs.
• Choice of 28 or 30in barrels with 3in magnum proofed chambers.
• Fitted with small high visibility red foresight bead.
• Supplied with a set of five multi-choke tubes.
• Schnabel fore-end.
• The 580 is also available as a game gun in 20 and 28-bore format.

Rottweil 580 Sporter shotgun review

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