With Shane's thoughts turning back to wildfowling, he takes a look at the Winchester SXP - a good fowling gun with lots of great features

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Winchester SXP


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Wear your winter coat

The furniture was pretty standard as you would expect for a synthetic pump-action gun. It was easy enough to work and not too slippy. It fitted reasonably well straight out of the box as it was ambidexterous, but they do come with cast shims and stock extensions. One thing I would say is that if you’re going to try one on for size and you’re a fowler, take your winter coat with you. A mate of mine tried one in the summer in a T-shirt and didn’t like it as it was too short in the stock, so didn’t buy it. Yet, six months later, when his semi went pop on a trip up north of the border, he had to borrow one from one of the other lads and found it fitted really well once fully clothed.

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