With Shane's thoughts turning back to wildfowling, he takes a look at the Winchester SXP - a good fowling gun with lots of great features

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Winchester SXP


Winchester SXP reviewed by Sporting Gun


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£396.00 (From)


I found the Winchester SXP shot well, and once you remembered to pump the action it isn’t a problem. Having owned a pump before it didn’t take me long to get back into the swing of things. I like the simplicity of everything with pumps. You pull the trigger the thing goes bang. You pump the thing, pull the trigger and the thing goes bang. 
I don’t need to worry about having enough kick in the cartridge to recycle it, and as long as the ammunition isn’t rusty it shouldn’t split and cause a jam.
Just remember to pump it.

Winchester SXP

With a few tools you can do a full strip down and clean in under five minutes


I have to say that the Winchester SXP is a great gun for the money. I can see why I’ve managed to sell a few as well. I’m a big fan of the gun. It’s functional, practical and well-made. Whatever you’re buying it for, be it a fowling gun you’re not worried about getting covered in mud, a back up pigeon gun for in the hide or as a cheap gun to go to Scotland once a year on the geese. Value-for-money speaks volumes and this gun shouts its intentions.

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Scores on the doors

Build quality: 22/25
Handling: 23/25
Value for money:25/25

Price: From £396


A good little fowling gun with lots of good things for me to say about it.

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