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Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun review

Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun review

Manufacturer: Webley & Scott

Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun review.
Both guns have been built to celebrate Webley & Scott’s 220th anniversary and, appropriately, limited to 220 pieces worldwide.

Here I’m looking at the over-under, which has been supplied in 20-bore but will be joined by a 12-bore before the end of summer.

It’s a field gun with 28in chrome lined monoblock barrels capable of handling steel shot and chambered for 3in cartridges.

The barrels have been fitted with thin-walled multi-chokes and topped off with a narrow 6mm ventilated rib.

Top marks to the makers for the standard of blacking – it’s of very good quality and displays a lovely high gloss.

 Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun

While the action frame sports a modest amount of scroll engraving the metalwork is dominated by bone charcoal case colouring which is very much in the style achieved by English hardeners in terms of the range of colours created by this process.

By way of contrast the furniture – top lever, guard, safety catch etc – have been blacked to match the barrels, the exception being the actual trigger blade, which has been treated to a deep blued finish.

The trigger on this gun is non-selective and has been set to fire the bottom (under) barrel first and the safety is manual, not automatic as you might expect, or want, in a game gun.

 Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun

The locks are powered by vee-springs and designed along traditional lines with intercepting safety sears and an extra pin anchoring the bridle to provide added stability to the lock mechanism.

The locks are effectively back locks with the hammer to make the action frame as strong as possible along the forward part of the lock plate.

 Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun

As you can see from the photographs the lockwork is highly polished and the hammers finished blue.

The ejectors are directly sprung by coil springs underneath the extractors.

 Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun

Wood to metal fit is very good but I have to say the bit of walnut used to stock this particular over-under is a little disappointing. That said this gun is a pre-production prototype so I’m pretty confident others will be stocked to the same exceptionally high standard as the side-by-side that came in the same delivery as the over-under.

The pistol grip is rounded and proportioned nicely, as is the whole stock shape.

Another nice feature is the slim fore-end with its subtle Schnabel nose end.

 Webley & Scott 3020 shotgun

Weight of this 20-bore is 7¼lb which is fine in my book because it’s difficult to get the weight down in a sidelock – just ask British gun makers – they’ve had a constant battle over the years with this conundrum.

Stock length is 14½in with drops at comb and heel of 1½in and 2¼in respectively.

The gun comes supplied in a quality wood and leather case.


These are the best guns to come out of Turkey that I’ve seen so far. During the last 50 years or so British sportsmen have looked to Spain and Italy for affordable sidelock guns.

Whether Turkey can compete with them remains to be seen.


Build Quality 18/25

Handling 20/25

Styling 15/25

Value for money 15/25