Pardon? Why shooters should ALWAYS wear ear protection

One of the safety rules of shooting should certainly be that the shooter wears efficient ear protection at all times. Take a cavalier attitude to protecting your hearing and you risk profound deafness and the lifelong misery of tinnitus with all the discomfort, annoyance, dizziness and disorientation that comes with…

Bullet placement

Bullet placement when deer stalking

Stalking trends come and go. From calibres to optics, all have their time. Fashion also influences the shots we take, and currently the head or high neck shot seems to be in vogue. Of all the decisions a stalker makes, bullet placement is surely one of the most critical. Not…

Safety review for country workers

Safety review for country workers

It has recently been announced that an inquiry is to be conducted into the death of a Scottish gamekeeper, which could have major implications for people who work alone in remote areas of the countryside throughout the UK.