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Here are articles to help and inform all aspects of your shooting, whether you’re a novice shooter or somebody who has been out in the field every season for years. You will find pieces on how you can improve, learn new skills and hone your technique.

We also keep a keen eye out for changes to gun laws and Government legislation.

You might be a gameshooter or clays might be much more your bag.

Then there are the pigeon shooting fans and those who love nothing better than being out on the foreshore, wildfowling. 

Rabbiting has a section too.

If you’re looking to see how a particular ground performed than check out our shoot reports.

Our contributors frequently write about deer stalking with guidance on different species, locations and equipment.

Finally we encourage the next generation of shooters, informing and educating Young Shots.

Is a 20-bore shotgun best for women

Are you going to shoot game or focus on clayshooting?

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Best shooting vests: here are our top picks

If it’s too warm for a shooting jacket  our selection of the best shooting vests will add that extra layer to keep you comfortable. (You’ll find our list of the best fleece gilets for shooting here.) What Guns are looking for in the best shooting vests Shooting vests  (or waistcoats)…

fox in night vision scope

Tips for night vision shooting

Night vision shooting has seen tremendous technological advances in recent years, such as equipment becoming smaller and lighter. Although the equipment works in any weather, cold nights give the best results for night vision shooting; rainy nights can make the image seem pixellated or indistinct. (Read our review of the…

night foxing

Night foxing over stubble

My grey partridges have been a pleasure this summer. Unlike their red-legged counterparts of previous years, they’ve been placid and calm. When I’ve introduced new birds to a pen, they’ve reacted well. I’ve lost none. Now it’s time to start trickling them into the fields and they continue to be…

Gaiters for shooting

The best gaiters for walked-up shooting

Gaiters for shooting are essential, particularly if you’re walked-up shooting on moorland. Why you need the best gaiters for shooting Wear gaiters with your breeks and shooting socks to protect your legs from ticks, as well as mud, scratches from rough heather and brambles. You’ll also be able to stride…

best compact binoculars for shooting

Best compact binoculars for shooting

How many times have we wished we had a pair of binoculars to hand to get a better look at events that are unfolding in the distance? As shooters, we use our eyes all the time, not only when we’re out with the gun but also out on reconnaissance or…