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Here are articles to help and inform all aspects of your shooting, whether you’re a novice shooter or somebody who has been out in the field every season for years. You will find pieces on how you can improve, learn new skills and hone your technique.

We also keep a keen eye out for changes to gun laws and Government legislation.

You might be a gameshooter or clays might be much more your bag.

Then there are the pigeon shooting fans and those who love nothing better than being out on the foreshore, wildfowling. 

Rabbiting has a section too.

If you’re looking to see how a particular ground performed than check out our shoot reports.

Our contributors frequently write about deer stalking with guidance on different species, locations and equipment.

Finally we encourage the next generation of shooters, informing and educating Young Shots.

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best clayshooting grounds

Best clayshooting grounds in the UK (according to our reviewers)

Clayshooting is increasingly popular as people want to enjoy an outdoor sport that is healthy, inclusive and accessible. Whether you’re a keen clayshooter who enjoys the challenge of the different clay disciplines or whether you’re first and foremost a game shooter who likes to keep their eye in out of…

lesson in clayshooting competitions

Clayshooting competitions: Here’s how to shoot your way to success

When I’m preparing a relatively new clayshooter for clayshooting competitions my lessons follow a certain format. Once we have gun, clay cartridges, hearing and eye protection sorted we get straight out onto the ground. A lesson in clayshooting competitions We begin shooting a few easy targets to warm up and…

Hunting lamps

Hunting lamps: we pick out the best around

The vast majority of us still rely on a trusty hunting lamp to get the job done and ‘traditional’ lamping remains by far the most cost-effective way of dealing with nocturnal vermin. With this in mind, I was delighted to put a selection of hunting lamps to the test this…

shooting smocks

Best shooting smocks

The best shooting smocks should be tough, resistant to thorns and brambles and pack away to almost nothing. They need to be breathable, lightweight, windproof and waterproof of course. In addition they should be comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, with room to put on layers…

lamping kit

Lamping kit – how has it changed?

Fox shooting technology has come a long way since I first drove around a field in circles hoping to spot a fox in the headlights. That was in the early 1970s, and we thought we were at the cutting edge with our lamping kit when we bolted a wooden handle…

Archie Coats and friends

Archie Coats’ pigeon shooting: what has changed since his heyday?

As I turned the pages of Pigeon Shooting by Archie Coats, I came across the phrase ‘rabbit clearance society pigeon poking programme’ — quite a mouthful and certainly something you wouldn’t hear in the 21st century. However, it got me thinking about how things have changed for the modern Gun.…

shooting with both eyes open

Shooting with both eyes open – why it’s something to aim for

Out of season is the ideal time to work on improving your shooting technique and one of the questions I get asked frequently is about shooting with both eyes open. One eye or two? There are two different ways of shooting — monocular versus binocular — which basically means with…

starting wildfowling

What age should a youngster start shooting?

Eyebrows were raised at the last round of Home Office firearms licensing statistics when it was revealed that a seven-year-old had been approved for a shotgun certificate. That decision led to lively debate at my local clay ground. Opinions were split. A significant number of regulars felt that the decision…

Scope mounts

Air rifle scope mounts – buying them and mounting them

You’ll almost certainly have given a lot of time and thought to the subject of buying an air rifle before parting with your hard-earned cash. You probably spent a good while considering scopes too. But what about air rifle scope mounts? Have you considered what you’re putting your scope on?…

long range foxing

Long range foxing – how to go about it

Long range foxing early in the morning From where I sat, I could see the entire lambing field. All had remained calm until I noticed the ewe closest to the cover stand up and stare intently at the bushes.  I was already watching the area after I noticed the blackbirds…

clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire

Clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire – where should you go?

We’ve listed some of the best clay pigeon shooting in Yorkshire available. Two of the clay grounds featured here have a cast iron reputation for showing the highest driven clays in the UK. If you can do a job on what they throw into the stratosphere then you’ll be well…

Waterproof shooting boots

Waterproof shooting boots – we put some pairs to the test

When spring arrives, most of us are equipped with clothing suited to the change in weather. The heavy-duty Gore-Tex coats and leggings that shrugged off sleet and gales now hang in the wardrobe, replaced by lightweight fleeces and cotton trousers. However, this yearly switch to summer order of dress rarely…