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Is a 20-bore shotgun best for women

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Setting up trail cams for hunting

The best trail cams for wildlife monitoring

Four sharp ‘pinks’ from a blackbird and she froze, ears strained, tongue flashing across her nose. Then she was off. A minute later an unfamiliar man lumbered into view, trampling clumsily through the thick bankside grass. The nearest footpath was a few hundred yards away. It was one of the…

chronographs for airguns

Best chronographs for airguns – Richard Saunders’ top choices

Why chronographs for airguns are key Ignorance, it is said, is no defence in law. Responsible airgunners know that without a Firearm Certificate (FAC), possessing a rifle that pushes out more than 12 foot pounds (ft-lb) will not only get you into trouble, but fuel the argument of those who’d…

deer in garden

Shooting deer near houses. Is it legal?

Q: We’ve all heard of the proliferation of the deer population over the last few years. Where I live muntjac are starting to be a real nuisance in local gardens. My neighbours know that I go deer stalking and have asked me to come over to do something about controlling…

Gralloching kit

Gralloching kit – these are the essentials

What is gralloching? The term ‘gralloch’ is derived from the Scottish word grealach and defined as “the process of removing the entrails of a dead deer”. An efficient, timely and hygienic removal of a deer’s internal organs is required to avoid any risk of food contamination or damage. The gralloch…

rangefinders for shooting

Best rangefinders for shooting: an expert gives his top picks

Laser rangefinders for shooting are the answer to judging distance when airgunning. These pocket-sized accessories are quick and simple to use, and give an instant and accurate measurement so you can apply the right amount of holdover or number of clicks on a scope’s elevation turret. So we’ve pulled together…

Steel shot for pigeon shooting

Best steel shot for pigeon shooting: what’s recommended?

Some of the most highly experienced pigeon Shots I know of were discussing their preferred steel shot for pigeon shooting loads and their opinions blew holes in some of the received wisdom that we have in the public domain. There was no mention of bismuth nor any of the derivatives…

best hunting trousers

Best hunting trousers: tried and tested in the field

The best hunting trousers should be waterproof, as kneeling and crawling over wet grass will feature on most days. Primarily, what I want from trousers out in the field is comfort and to achieve this they must fit well. I don’t want them to be heavy and they should be…

best clayshooting grounds

Best clayshooting grounds in the UK (according to our reviewers)

Clayshooting is increasingly popular as people want to enjoy an outdoor sport that is healthy, inclusive and accessible. Whether you’re a keen clayshooter who enjoys the challenge of the different clay disciplines or whether you’re first and foremost a game shooter who likes to keep their eye in out of…

lesson in clayshooting competitions

Clayshooting competitions: Here’s how to shoot your way to success

When I’m preparing a relatively new clayshooter for clayshooting competitions my lessons follow a certain format. Once we have gun, clay cartridges, hearing and eye protection sorted we get straight out onto the ground. A lesson in clayshooting competitions We begin shooting a few easy targets to warm up and…

Hunting lamps

Hunting lamps: we pick out the best around

The vast majority of us still rely on trusty hunting lamps to get the job done and ‘traditional’ lamping remains by far the most cost-effective way of dealing with nocturnal vermin. With this in mind, I was delighted to put a selection of hunting lamps to the test this month.…

shooting smocks

Best shooting smocks

The best shooting smocks should be tough, resistant to thorns and brambles and pack away to almost nothing. They need to be breathable, lightweight, windproof and waterproof of course. In addition they should be comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, with room to put on layers…