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pheasant shooting on a budget

Pheasant shooting on a budget

Is there such a thing as pheasant shooting on a budget? Well, yes there is. You can always buy a left-over day on a shooting website and snap up a bargain. However, you may not know any of the Guns you are shooting with if you go down this route.…

best tweed jackets

The best tweed jackets: here are our top picks

It’s always useful to have a few good jackets and blazers to wear and a sports jacket in a Harris tweed or similar is a garment that you’ll put on again and again. The best tweed jackets will look good if you’re having lunch in a country pub, if you’re…

Thermal imagers for hunting – our top riflescope picks

Over the past few years, there has been an ever-increasing use of observation units and thermal imagers for hunting in the shooting world. An array of well-known and not-so-well-known manufacturers are dipping their toes into the market and releasing models. As the landscape of the shooting industry changes, the need…

Best hunting watches – we list the best options

When it comes to the best hunting watches, there’s a lot to consider. As hunters, we understand that one of hunting’s biggest appeals is getting deep into the wilderness, whether in the woods, on the hill, or casting a fly rod in a Highland salmon river, and getting away from…

Choosing riflescopes

Choosing riflescopes: what you should look out for

You don’t actually need much kit to go deerstalking. Binoculars to spot a beast and a rifle to bring it down are essential, but I would argue that choosing riflescopes is the most important part of the set-up. There’s a reason why most stalkers advise spending more on a scope…

Sea eagle

What is rewilding?

I expect most readers of Shooting Times will have a similar opinion of Chris Packham as mine, but I thought he plumbed new depths when he tried his latest PR stunt, calling on the royal family to rewild their lands. Rewilding – what is it anyway? Pick about the only…

ground game rules

Ground game: should we be allowed to shoot it on driven days?

The morning briefings on the driven shoots to which I get invited tend to follow the same pattern. “Shoot what gives you pleasure, but be sparing with the hens — they are our breeding stock. Leave woodcock and grey partridges and no ground game.” It’s not a difficult set of…

hunting rabbits with thermal optics

Hunting rabbits with thermal optics

After an alarming slump over the past couple of years, the rabbits in my locality are making a very healthy comeback. I’m delighted to see them around again, but several landowners are less pleased because the burrowing animals are causing them serious problems – so serious, in fact, that I…

shooting types

15 things you should know if you’re a driven shooter

Relatively new to shooting? Enjoying your first season? Here’s what every driven shooter should be aware of. 1. Invitation etiquette A polite driven shooter will respond to shoot invitations promptly – whether you can come or not. You NEVER PBI (pending better invitation). 2. Keeper’s briefing Always listen carefully to…

hunting torch

Best hunting torch – we list our top picks

Having a hunting torch in your bag is essential on any stalking trip, especially as winter sets in and it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot more time in darkness and low light. But with so many all-rounder options, it’s important to consider which type of torch best suits stalkers.…

Schoffel Womens Lilymere Hacking Jacket

Best tweed shooting jackets for ladies

At last, designers and clothing manufacturers are waking up to the fact that country-loving females want to look smart and stylish in a jacket that is designed to blend in out in the field, walking the dog, watching the rugby and over drinks in the pub. We asked around some…

Swinton Estate shooting

How to be a better Shot

All of us would probably like to admit that we’d like to be a better Shot than we are. We might have been shooting out in the field for years, but there is always room for improvement. Refining our technique is something we should all work on. I thought it…

what ladies should wear shooting

Women in the field – some advice on what to wear

It’s key to know what to wear shooting. Not only from a sartorial point of view, because you’ll want to have the confidence of knowing you’re looking your best, but also from a comfort point of view. You need to be able to swing your gun freely, stay dry, warm…

Deer stalking

How to choose the right camouflage for deer stalking

Guests preparing for deer stalking often ask what kit they need, especially clothing. They ask whether they can wear camouflage. Usually the answer is yes, however some of the ground we stalk is on estates where the manager prefers us not to wear camouflage. (Read more on what to wear…