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Here are articles to help and inform all aspects of your shooting, whether you’re a novice shooter or somebody who has been out in the field every season for years. You will find pieces on how you can improve, learn new skills and hone your technique.

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best ear defenders for shooting

Best ear defenders for shooting

So why should you buy the best ear defenders for shooting you can get? Too many shooters seem to be ignorant to the damage that the noise from gunshots can do to their hearing. You only get one pair of ears, so it makes good sense to look after them,…

Add-on devices for scopes

Add on-devices for scopes: reviewing three of the best

Add-on devices for scopes So why are add-on devices for scopes so useful? One of the biggest inconveniences when using a night-vision or thermal scope is that their performance during the day is never going to be as good as a traditional glass optic. Although several night-vision scopes now offer…

wear clay pigeon shooting

Best clay pigeon traps: improve your shooting

If you’re fortunate enough to have some land, then you might consider setting up your own clay trap. (Read “Can I set up clay shooting on my own property?”) Providing you follow some key safety rules, then you’ll be able to practise your shooting in your own time, maybe introduce…

women driven shooting

Why more and more women are enjoying driven shooting

It will probably not come as any sort of surprise to learn that shooting sports are predominately the pastime of men. The most recent Home Office figures reveal that 94% of shotgun and firearms certificate holders in England and Wales are male. The 6% minority, however, equates to more than…

best fox control kit

The best fox control kit

Though foxes are beautiful-looking animals, they are also ruthless killers, which is why we need the best fox control kit we can get. This farm has a zero-tolerance policy where foxes are concerned and they are culled whenever possible. It is a fairly typical southern sheep farm and, with the…

clay pigeon shooting history

Clay pigeon shooting history: how it all began

Clay traps today are super-powerful, complex, remotely controlled and capable of throwing clays on many different flight patterns to simulate a variety of birds. (Read can I set up clayshooting on my own property?) Their journey has been long and storied, from the earliest days of competitive shooting at captive…

Dog with clean kill

A clean kill is what should be aimed for every time

What marks you out as a Gun who knows what they are doing? What separates a good Shot from a bad one? If you ask a member of the picking-up team behind you, who see all but who rarely comment, it will be the care and interest a Gun shows…

Best boot socks – don’t miss our top choices

As we said recently in our top choices for the best walking boots, one thing any keen Shot, fieldsports fan or general outdoor enthusiast will tell you is that you have to look after your feet. Having the best possible boots is a big step in the right direction (no…

best corduroy trousers

Best corduroy trousers in classic styles and colours

The best corduroy trousers, or cords, have long been a staple of a winter wardrobe. They are warm, comfy and come in a host of different colours. You can choose a fine needlecord, a standard cord or opt for thicker jumbo cord. Country types love their versatility – a pair…

Choosing a riflescope

How to choose a riflescope

You don’t actually need much kit to go deerstalking. Binoculars to spot a beast and a rifle to bring it down are essential, but I would argue that a telescopic riflescope is the most important part of the set-up. There’s a reason why most stalkers advise spending more on a…

Young Shots

Young Shots: six tips for getting started

How should young Shots get started in the field and on the clay ground? I started shooting at the age of eight. I’m lucky to come from a farming background, so there were opportunities to be involved in and around shooting from an early age. I followed my father’s lead…

Walking boots – what are the best options?

Any keen shot, deer stalker or outdoor enthusiast will know that having a pair of good walking boots is an essential part of your wardrobe. With mile after mile to cover, you need a pair of boots that are comfortable yet durable, waterproof yet breathable, and good value for money. There…

Tatttersall shirts

The best Tattersall shirts for shooting

The best Tattersall shirts are design classics for shooting and a garment that no countryman or woman should be without. (For our list of the best shooting shirts see here.) Tattersall is basically a check or plaid pattern woven into cloth. There are are numerous patterns, as you’ll see in…

best moleskin trousers

Moleskin trousers: we’ve picked out the best for country style

Moleskin has been around for centuries and moleskin trousers have long been a part of a country wardrobe, thanks to their warmth, comfort and durability. Despite the name, the fabric is not made from moles; it is actually created from densely woven pure cotton. Shooting Times contributor Matt Cross says:…

woman clayshooter

How to improve your visual focus on the clay target

Often my pupils come to me with the request that they need to do something to help them focus on the clay target. So when I am giving a lesson on this, here’s what I run through. (Here’s a run down of the different clay targets and how to deal…

best quilted jackets

Best quilted jackets and gilets for country types

Quilted jackets are ideal to wear on their own to keep the chill off, or underneath a thicker coat for warming layering. Or you can opt for a quilted gilet to wear over a sweater or shirt and again under a coat when it’s chilly. (Read our tips on how…