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Is your eyesight affecting your shooting?

Unless you’re blessed with devilish good luck, the less visible a target, the harder it is to hit. While many of us are fortunate enough to have eyesight that, with the help of glasses, perhaps, is serviceable enough to see us through busy days at our desks, behind the wheel…

Getting the best out of your beaters on a shoot

Running a line and managing a beating team is an art. It’s difficult to get right and easy to get wrong. There is a certain amount of pressure on the keeper. While the beaters are no doubt doing their best and, in most cases, know what they are doing, it…

Stalking medal roebuck in the English countryside

Mud squelches out from beneath my companion’s boot every time it connects with the boggy ground below. Stalker Anthony White is well over 6ft tall and has a shoe size to match. He walks on ahead of me, untroubled by the noise or the giant footprints he’s leaving in his…

Beretta BRX1 field test – Chris Dalton’s stalks red stag

We are into July and with it comes the opening of the red stag season. It’s strange, though, that this date seems to drift past with little interest when compared with the buzz surrounding 1 April and the start of the roebucks. However, I have always eagerly looked forward to…

Fallow deer

Fallow deer: an historic feature of the countryside

Unlike those deer species that arrived on these islands as hitch-hikers in the wake of Britain’s 19th-century trading empire, the fallow deer (Dama dama) has a much more complex history. (Read more on stalking fallow deer here.) Present in prehistoric Britain until the onset of the last ice age, when…

Using thermal spotters for stalking

Are thermal spotters a necessity or a luxury?

An outing with thermal spotters It was a cooler blip in that series of headlining scorchers. As I passed the yard at first light, the combine stood grey and bulky on the brushed concrete, ready to grunt into life and tackle the first of the barley after months in hibernation.…

The challenge of midsummer muntjac stalking

Religiously every day, I will take my two spaniels for a half-an-hour walk in a loop from my house. We set off down the track through a wide belt of woodland, reaching a duck pond after 15 minutes, where we make a turn for home and head back across two…

How will deer populations adapt to climate change?

A colleague recently sent me some extensive research on deer and hunting. It made for interesting reading, though, to quote Basil Fawlty, parts did seem to be “another MA in the blindingly obvious”. The research was carried out over a 10-year period and involved 65,000 monitored hunting days. When dealing…

shoot your best at charity clay days

How to shoot your best at charity clay days

Every year, millions of pounds are raised for good causes at clay shoots run all over the UK. I can’t help but think it is a missed opportunity that the shooting world doesn’t make more noise about this significant contribution. Even though they are fundraising exercises first and foremost, many…

What are the implications of rewilding?

Rewilding. The word leads to unending controversy and polarised views. Let’s explore why. As a sportsman, what is there not to like? Cleaner rivers, more wildlife to pursue, more wild places to enjoy. However, the rewilding idea is perceived as part of an environmental, ‘Packhamite’ agenda, and one that your…

simulated game days

Simulated game days: disaster waiting to happen?

In 1988, I visited a farm shoot in Kent where the prime drives had been wiped out by the Great Storm that had ravaged the countryside in October of the previous year. The enterprising syndicate had sited clay pigeon traps among the stumps so as to recreate, as far as…

Predator control means wild birds are thriving

The cautious questions have started: “Seen many about?” and “How are you doing?” The interest in wild broods has taken on a greater intensity this season. Bird flu has banjaxed the flow of eggs coming in from the Continent. Pressured to make up the shortfall, British game farmers — who…