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Best clay gun slips – get the right case for your shotgun

Prepare for the season ahead by getting one of the most essential components of your kit with our selection of the best clay gun slips

Whether you’re a professional shooter who busts clays all year round, a keen amateur looking ahead to the summer season or a novice wondering what kit you need to get the most out of your experience, one thing that clay shooters all need in their arsenal is a well-chosen clay gun slip. Having a good clay gun slip allows you to make sure you can keep some accessories to hand and transport your gun safely. (Read our advice on how to carry a shotgun in public.)

There’s no shortage of options on the market however, and even for seasoned Shots it can be a difficult choice to make. On the subject, Mark Heath, shooting instructor at West London Shooting School, said: “My preference is for a full length zip with a flap over and buckle at the end. The reasons are with a full length zip the slip can be fully opened and properly dried before re-use, this is especially helpful if you are shooting two days back to back and need to dry the slip overnight. The flap and buckle helps avoid gun damage in the event of zip failure.

“I generally prefer a leather slip for easy of cleaning, with a block end to protect the tip of the barrels. A good lining to provide some padding to protect the gun is also important. Canvas slips are very good but just need to be dried and then mud removed with a stiff brush.
“One tip is to either lie your slips flat or hang them up when not in use, this helps avoid damage caused by folding them over.”

As clay shooting becomes more popular, there are so many different clay gun slips to choose from on the market, so we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best options, whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot. But whatever you decide to go with, any of these clay gun slips will do their bit to help you bust those clays and climb those rankings. (You might also like to look at our list of best clayshooting jackets.)


Best clay gun slips – get the right case for your shotgun


1. JACK PYKE Sporting Gun Slip, £34.50

best clay gun slip

  • 1 inch inner padding
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Carrying handle
  • Zipped side pocket and hanging loop, with full-length zip
  • Available in black, green (as pictured) or navy blue


The Jack Pyke Sporting Gun Slip is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys clay shooting, whether advanced or beginner, and is our top choice as it manages to get the most value for money. It’s not the cheapest on the list, but it will serve you well and keep your shotgun safe and legally stored for years to come for quite a reasonable outlay.



2. Savage Island Fleece Lined Shotgun Slip,   £18.99

Best clay gun slip

  • Full length zip
  • Fleece lining
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Stiffened end to protect the muzzle


This is the most affordable clay gun slip on the list and becomes very close to snagging the prize for best value for money. The camouflage-ish design on the slip may put you off, but then maybe not – that just comes down to personal preference. But what isn’t up for debate is the quality of this clay gun slip, with a full length zip, a very handy stiffened end for muzzle-support and the fleece lining, which is great for giving your shotgun that extra support.



3. BERETTA Transformer Shotgun Slip, £114.99

Best clay gun slip

  • Colour: black
  • Comes with removable and functional backpack
  • Also comes with openable bottom compartment in the cartridge bag
  • Outer layer made from rubber – scratch and water resistant
  • Adjustable and removable sling
  • Comfort handle


This is one of the most expensive entries on the list, but when you take a look at what you get for your money, it is a very wise investment if you’re looking to take your clay shooting seriously. Infinitely practical and useful, this clay gun slip comes with a removable backpack, an extra compartment in the cartridge bag, a removable and adjustable sling and even hidden external pockets. This clay gun slip will do everything for you besides taking the shot.



4. JACK PYKE Leather Shotgun Slip, £129.99

  • High quality cows leather
  • Adjustable leather shoulder strap
  • Leather carrying handle
  • Dense protective foam with synthetic lining
  • Heavy duty lockable zip


This is the most expensive clay gun slip on the list, and whilst it’s not quite as tactical as Beretta’s entry, you really get a sense of quality with this clay gun slip. Made from high quality leather with dense protective foam, not to mention high quality synthetic lining and a lockable zip along with a stylish belt-buckle style fastening, this gun clip is the perfect marriage of style and substance.



5. Hamilton Slipstand Gun Slip, £109.95

  • Integrated pop-out stand
  • Storage for 50 cartridges
  • Double strap system
  • Choke pocket and table


Perhaps the most technical option on the list, this clay gun slip is an ideal piece of kit for those who are looking to invest a reasonable amount in their clay shooting, as well as wanting an option that offers ultimate flexibility and practicality. The key feature on this clay gun slip has to be the added stand, which we think really sets it apart.