Buffalo River Scout Range ? Barracuda Knife.
I got the Buffalo River Knife just in time as I had 70+ rabbits to paunch.

First impressions were of a very well engineered knife that was exceptionally sharp.

After paunching all the rabbits the blade was still as sharp as when I started.

A quick rinse off and then I placed it in the dishwasher for a thorough wash and sterilisation.

This usually dulls the edge with most knives but the Buffalo River knife came out spotlessly clean and as sharp as when I took it out of the tin it arrived in.

The next test was to gralloch six roe does that I had helped a friend to cull. The knife held its edge exceptionally well and proved easy to use.

Not surprisingly after this it did need a couple of strokes on a sharpener to replace the edge. Overall I found this folding knife to be well made and of a very good quality.

The only two downsides were the unnecessary pocket clip which tended to interfere with the good hold on the handle and I would have rather had the knife in a pouch to attach to my belt rather than in the tin it arrived in.

Overall though it?s a very handy piece of equipment and good value for money.

Buffalo River Barracuda Knife£18.99