A high leg country boot that is perfect for shooting and other field sports.

Made from premium full grained leather, featuring a bar and buckle attachment to customise the width of the boot.

The boot has a fully integrated 100% water-proof membrane Chat-Ex lining, ensuring your feet will stay dry no matter what the weather is like!

There is a full-length leather sock inside the boot, which provides utmost comfort and the high density rubber randed and cleated sole is very hard wearing and protects the foot.

“Chatham started out as a marine clothing company and are now starting to break into the countryside market with these boots, and more power to them, as they are great! They are very warm & look quite classy, so much so, that I was reticent to get any mud on them. However, a walk with the gundogs soon sorted that out! They feel very comfortable and even though they were new, I managed to walk a few miles in them without really noticing – so you don’t need to ‘wear them in’ as you do with some boots. Other plusses are that they look more expensive than they are, and are quite light, but without losing that solid feel. All in all – a very good boot for the money.”

RRP £179

Available in sizes 6 ? 12