This bag is made from recycled materials and can be worn cross-body either way.

The bag is very comfortable and the adjustable strap is filled with shock absorbent gel that doesn’t ‘pull’ from your shoulder.

These bags are designed so that weight is distributed asymmetrically throughout the length of the bag, keeping the stress off your back, and the bag in place.

The bag has plenty of hidden pockets for your valuables, so would be good for a Game Fair or similar, when you have a lot of bits to carry and need somewhere safe & secure to put them. These separate compartments also help balance weight in and around the bag.

There’s a separate zipped compartment for wet gear or footwear and the whole bag is machine washable.

That aside, the version we tested was not large enough to hold a laptop, but there are larger versions of the bag available, so be aware of this if you are thinking about getting one.

Prices start from £42