The Fjallraven Timber Buck Jacket has been designed for stationary forest hunting.

It is a well thought through garment, which is clearly fit for purpose.

Surprising light for its size every detail of hunting has been considered in the design of this dark olive jacket.

It has been manufactured using Fjallraven’s Hydratic Silent and G-1000 silent material making it very quiet when moving – ideal for not creating too much disturbance.

The slits and pleats at the back mean that the wearer benefits from the warmth offered by a longer length jacket while not compromising on mobility.

The large bellow pockets at the front contain handy cartridge holders and the shoulders and elbows have been reinforced, again using G-1000 material.

This material is made from a mix of polyester and cotton and has been impregnated with Greenland wax which makes it, boast the manufacturers, hardwearing and mosquito proof, as well as offering protection from UV A and B rays, wind and rain, and even less likely to burn if caught by a wayward campfire spark.

The inner fleece, internal drawstring and cosy mid-torso fleece-lined hand warming pockets make this coat ideal for cold days, while the ability to unzip and remove the inner fleece make it an excellent choice for those warmer occasions.

The fleece inner can also be worn as a stand-alone garment.

The waterproofing is excellent and can be tailored to the wearer’s requirements by waxing.

The waxing process allows the wearer to waterproof as much or as little as they like to maintain the coat’s breathability while choosing the areas most in need of protection from the wind and rain.

Obviously Fjallraven recommend you use their own brand of wax for the best results, and have incorporated a video detailing advice on how to wax your Fjallraven G-1000 jacket on their website

It is a totally adaptable piece of clothing, perfect for wearing outside in many different weather conditions. 

This jacket, which is available in sizes s – xxxl, is (a detachable hood short of) an excellent item of clothing.

– Removable quilted inner-fleece jacket. Can be zipped out.

– Clip-in radio attachment.

– Napoleon pocket large enough to hold a one litre thermos.

– Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets.

– Large bellows cartridge pockets with compartments for ammunition.

– Drawcord adjustment at the waist and velcro sleeve cuffs.

Fjallraven Timber Buck Jacket

RRP £435