Harkila Asta jacket and trousers
As well as shoot days the jacket has been worn every day walking the dogs and it has withstood horrid winter weather in the form of torrential rain and winds.

It’s great to shoot in, has loads of pockets for cartridges, earplugs etc and the elasticated waist gives the jacket a bit more shape.

I also love the raccoon fur trim on the hood (so too does the lurcher, but that’s another story).

The trousers also passed muster but Harkila appear to have got their sizing completely wrong in this department – I ordered a size 8 (the smallest they do) but even these swamped me.

They need to look at the chart again.

The suit has worn well and withstood a baptism of fire, but then, so it should at the price being asked for it.

Highly recommended in spite of the cost.


Harkila Asta Jacket


Harkila Asta Trousers