But how I fretted over finding a multipurpose spare that would be good enough for posh days but not so outrageous that other Guns on rough shoots would laugh the way they did when I turned up with my ostrich leather cartridge bag.

I reckon the cap, jacket and breeks from the Seeland Woodcock range fit the bill perfectly!

They proved totally waterproof on a truly torrential night at ducks and light but wind proof when walking hills that usually make me sweat.

The material’s lightly ribbed effect makes it look like a much more expensive garment without the normal extravagance.

The cuffs are soft and warm.

The cap is luxuriously cosy but fits nicely in the poacher pocket when it gets too hot.

The Woodcock kit is now not my spare but my first choice.

Seeland Woodcock, Jacket (£149.99), Breeks (£74.99) and Cap (£29.99)