John Bidwell
If you want to catch it in the middle of the pattern every time then the answer is, yes!

Cracking a target in half with a pellet or two on the outside of the shot string simply doesn’t boost confidence in the same way as seeing it thoroughly minced and dusted.

True, we’re always thankfully for a lucky chip or two when we do misread the line of a target, but a well-broken clay tells us our approach and line of attack is spot on.

But let’s turn a negative here into a positive… Chipping away at targets might well be a little demoralising but the way the target breaks can actually tell us a lot about what’s wrong with our shooting – and give us a few pointers on how to put things right.

The real classic, of course, is a target that chips at the back end telling us we need to give the next bird out more forward allowance.

At the same time it should also prompt us to ask ourselves if we’re standing correctly for the target or adopting the wrong hold position with our gun muzzles.

Chipping the top, bottom or front of a target offers up similar clues as to how we get back on track by making a few changes to our approach.

As they say… ‘every picture tells a story!’