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How to deal with teal targets – a step by step guide

Teal targets can be tricky, but Tony Bracci shows us how to tackle them

shooting teal targets

Know your quarry

A teal target rises at speed from the trap, moving away from the stand, and should not be confused with a decoy, which moves towards the shooter, stalling at the top. Because the teal is moving away from the shooter, waiting until it peaks to take the shot is not always a wise choice. By then it will be further away and harder to hit.

shooting teal target

Don’t stop the gun

Movement: Don’t stop the gun

Taking the teal as it rises means the gun has to be moving fast to get above the target. This is where a lot of shooters fail. The barrels obscure the target and this can cause the barrels to slow or stop as the shot is taken. It is important to keep the gun moving as you push up over the target and follow through.

shoot teal targets

Angles – don’t get caught out

Angles: Don’t get caught out

Another common mistake is not moving the gun on the right line. Subtle angles can catch you out. Focus on the line and move your body to keep the gun on the same line as the target. A small difference at the bottom can escalate into a big difference as you get higher up the line.

Three top tips for shooting teal targets

• Choose a precise pick-up point.
• Move the gun in the same line as the target is travelling.
• Use a smooth swing and follow through, and take the shot with the 
same timing.

Timing: Take your shot at the same point

Pay attention to when you take your shot. If you change your timing it will affect your perception of lead. If you take the shot early then you will need more gun speed or more lead because it will be faster. If you take it later as the clay slows, it will be easy to overcook it and your shot will go above the target. Try to be consistent. Take it in the same point at the same speed.